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The view of whom or what Jesus was, is a common question that arises even in the Christian religion. For Christians, for granted Jesus was the messiah. Other religions and people in our world do not agree upon this belief, in Jesus being the messiah though. Religions such as Muslim and Buddhism have very different beliefs. With these different beliefs comes differing in views of Jesus Christ. The question is therefore, “If Jesus is not viewed as the messiah, or the Son of God, how is He viewed in the religions of Muslim, and Buddhism?”

Christians origin traces back to the same starting as the Jewish religion. The split in view occurs in the viewing of Jesus and what was the true significance in his presence on Earth. Christians view that the birth and life of Christ was important in that it Jesus saved us and helped direct us from our ways of sinning. Christians view Jesus as the Messiah is based upon his fulfillment of the prophecies the miracles and his resurrection. It is this belief that leads to the wide varied of answers to who is Jesus and how each religion views him and his life on Earth.

Muslims beliefs differ far from Christians in numerous ways. The Muslims follow a book entitled the Qur’an. The Qur’an is believed to be the exact words of God as revealed to their prophet Muhammad. The Qur’an is the prime source of every Muslim’s faith and practice. The Muslim religion does have similarities to the Christian faith in that it can be traced back to Abraham who set up a covenant with God, this being the same God that Christians believe in. A second similarity lies in their belief in a God and a prophet. Islam tolerates other beliefs and grants freedom to worship all religions. Though similar in some ways Christianity, one major way difference does exist. The difference lies in the view of Jesus Christ and his overall importance. Muslims respect and revere Jesus, and wait his “Second Coming”. They consider him one of the greatest of God’s messengers to mankind. The Qur’an even confirms his virgin birth in the chapter entitled Mary. The difference simply stated is that they feel Jesus was only a messenger of God: a great one but he is not viewed or believed to be the one true messiah.

Buddhism a another religion of the world, has different beliefs that are different from Christianity. Buddhism arose from the Buddha Siddhartha Guatama, who after years of searching, came to enlightenment with intense concentration. Becoming a Buddha made him a priest. He lived a life begging for food and passing his message to others. Buddhism bases its beliefs on four noble truths about the world and an eightfold path to enlightenment by overcoming desire. This basis differs significantly from Christianity in many aspects. Buddhism differs on major sides that Christians often place their beliefs on. Buddhists do not believe in Gods. This is because they believe in man. They believe no one can save us but ourselves. They base many of there beliefs such as the origins of the earth and unexplainable occurrences, on science postulating that it (science) will eventually answer all the unknowns. From these ideas or beliefs the general idea can be expressed that Jesus is not viewed as anything more than a human that was able to encourage and gather followers. Buddhists even would view Jesus miracles as tricks with the eyes that occurred because of lack of true knowledge.

From Muslim and Buddhism a general representation of different views of Jesus can be expressed. Jesus is viewed mainly in Christian religion as the Savior, while other religions may allow him to be a messenger he is not looked as the messiah. In fact most religions either have their own messiah or feel that he meaning messiah has not come yet. From viewing Muslims and Buddhism, I understand where they get their beliefs. Religion I feel is based on one’s own belief. If someone feels that something is the truth, they should be allowed to follow that philosophy. My personal view of Jesus is being a Christian and Roman Catholic that He was put on earth to help direct us. I feel Jesus will come again to us when Heaven comes, but I am not sure that day will occur for a long time.


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