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Within the last twent-five years video cameras have come along way. Video cameras capture grandchildren, events, and places. Video cameras are used for security purposes. The size and features have improved since the 8mm movie camera. Making memories with a video camera have become easy. There are advatages and disadvantages with the video camera.

Advantages with the video camera are as follows. Video cameras can be used to chart the growth of grandchildren. Filming them from birth to watching them take their first steps. Filming the grandchildren at their first baseball game, and hitting their first homerun. Capturing the moment they walk to the podium to receive their high school diploma on graduation day.

Vacations are remembered vividly with the help of a video camera. The vacation that was the trip of a life time. The most important places that took months of planning for can be filmed. Special Occasions can be shared with others. Therefore, using the video camera for topics of discussion, while at family gatherings.

People have captured thieves stealing money and cars with the video camera. Private detectives use video cameras to watch people committing offenses. Police officers us video cameras for surveillance purposes.

Features are advantageous because they allow for ease of operation. Battery operated therefore eliminating the need for an electrical outlet source. Also, the camera becomes portable, with this feature. Easy to pack away in a suitcase for traveling or carry over the shoulder.

Vide cameras are self contained. It includes its own power, lighting, and no need for additional equipment. Other features such as a larger view finder. A larger view finder make eye strain less likely. Both eyes stay open, while filming. Options like rewind/replay make it easier to edit the filming, while still at that event or place. There is an exposure indicator light and focus indicator light that flashes, when subjects are under/over exposed and out /in focus. Further, a zoom lens can bring the object up close without having to move up close to the object.

The disadvantage to owning a video camera are very few. First, remembering to take it along. Because of size it can easily be misplaced. The risk of having it stolen. running low on a battery without having a backup could lead to unfinished filming. Which a backup battery can be expensive. Becoming distracted filming instead of actually watching the event. Not holding the camera still while filming can result in bad footage, causing a headache.

Therefore, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The memories remembered, ease of operation, portability, criminals caught, and features all make the camera worth buying and owning. Never miss that special event or place with the video camera.

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