Veterans People To Remember


Veterans People To Remember Essay, Research Paper

Veterans People to Remember

This Veterans Day pays tribute to those who did their duty as patriots. It is our moral duty to make them feel appreciated on Veterans Day. A small thing to ask in exchange for extraordinary valor and bravery. Many years our Nation has honored Veterans and set aside a special day to pay tribute and say “thank you” to those who serve in our Armed Forces. On this Veterans’ Day, Americans across the country will honor and remember their family members, friends, and neighbors who served in our Nation’s military. No act of citizenship is more worthy of respect than service in our Armed Forces in order to protect and defend our ideals — and because the tradition of the citizen soldier is deeply imbedded in our Nation’s history. Most Americans are privileged to have friends, family members, and colleagues whom they can personally thank, on this significant day, for their military service.

Since the birth of our Nation, American soldiers, sailors, Marines and pilots have showed heroism, courage, and daring during wartime. Veterans’ Day is a reminder to the rest of us of the sacrifices they have made on our behalf.

Veterans’ Day is also an opportunity to recognize the challenges faced, and sacrifices made, by those who serve during what passes for peacetime in today’s, and tomorrow’s, ever-changing the unstable world.

The men and women who serve in our American Army are among our best and our brightest. The many soldiers who have risked their life toward the benefit of our country have earned our respect and our thanks.

Ceremonies, speeches, displaying the flag, visiting veterans’ cemetery, spending time with a veteran in a hospital — these are all wonderful ways to honor our veterans. Veterans and men and women in the army now have protected our country and given us many rights as citizens, freedom of speech, voting, and many more that we can use at our willing. Without our veterans, we would not enjoy the rights that we so often take for granted.

Finally, I hope all of us will honor Men and Women in Vietnam, Revolution, the world wars, and others not mentioned. Everyone should set away some time, for a few moments on Veterans Day, and every day, to remember those millions of service members, not with sorrow or regret, but with pride in the job they did, and with humble thanks that America extraordinarily good and decent people.

Veterans asked very little of their country but gave everything they had. The least we can do is give them our sincerest thank you for a job well done. There are perhaps thousands of veterans in the community — family, friends, and others. Who deserve a thank you on this special day. If you appreciate the freedom, we, as Americans, enjoy today, and then you realize why it s important to honor those who sacrificed for that freedom.

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