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Vertigo is probably one of the more intriguing movies that I ve seen in a while, and almost as thought provoking as what team will win the NCAA tourney. In my opinion, it is truly a tragedy just because of the number of people that perished due to falling from a high place. The main protagonist, Scottie who was the cause of all of these deaths goes through the most trauma in the movie. He first ends the life of the policeman, by accident but then ends up destroying the lives of two others. The last two deaths are cause by desire and deceit. The desire to love someone on Scottie s part, and deceit on the part of Mr. Elster conflict with each other during the movie. The resolution is finally brought about from the shadow of a nun, possibly insinuating that goodness wins out.

Scottie is characterized by the ailment that is uncovered during a police chase. Vertigo is stricken upon him and allows for the death of a coworker, and then he is forced to let that disorder control the rest of his life. Since he is the focal point of the film this disability becomes the overall theme of the movie.

I believe that there are two major conflicts in the movie, including the issues that Scottie has with vertigo, his conflict with the women in his life. Scottie s problem with vertigo allows him to be manipulated by Mr. Elster, who picks him as the perfect scapegoat to kill his wife. The conflict that Scottie has with the women can be broken down into many individual conflicts, but the overlying conflict is his need for love that he cannot seem to achieve.

The only resolution in this film is the final death of the conflicts in Scottie s life. When the Nun shows up in the tower and ends his love interests, and his climb up to the tower ended his vertigo. I think the shadow of purity, brings an end to all the deceit that has transpired, and therefore signifies the ending of all that is bad. I think that tells us that a miracle was needed to end everything. After all Scottie gets rid of his vertigo, but he ends up losing one of the things he desired (love).

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