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Instantaneous Versus Average Velocity A position versus time graph or a displacement versus time graph can be used to analyze the motion of an object in one dimension. The slope gives the object’s velocity. The slope of a line segment joining two points on the graph gives the average velociy during that interval. The slope of the tangent to the curve at a particular time gives the instantaneous velocity at that time. Data and Calculations Tables Data Table I Questions 1. Which of the average velocities that you measured do you think gives the closet approximation to the instantaneous velocity of the glider as it passed through point x1?I think that the distance of .8m is the velocity I measured gives the closest approximamtion to the instantaneous of the glider as it passed through point x1 because it is the half way mark therefore it will be the mean of all the points of measurements

2. Can you extrapolate your collected data to determine an even closer approximation to the instantaneous velocity of the glider through point x1? From your collected data, estimate the maximum error you expect in your estimated value. 3. In trying to determine an instantaneous velocity, what factors (timer accuracy, object being timed, type of motion) influence the accuracy of the measurement? Discuss how each factor influences the result. The only factors that will influence this is human error, distance and time measurement. 4. Can you think of one or more ways to measure instantaneous velocity directly, or is an instanteaneous velocity always a value that must be inferred from average velocity measurements? Graph of Vavg versus D with D on the x-axis.

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