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February 28, 1996


Vacation Project

On His Having Arrived at the Age of Twenty-Three

To Help You Understand

2.In the first eight lines the poet, John Milton, is talking about his character and how on the inside he still feels like a child. The character still wants to enjoy life as a kid and go around and have fun. He feels that he did not get enough time to enjoy his childhood and he plunged way too fast into manhood.

John Milton also describes the phisical details of his character. He tells about how eventhough he feels like a child and wants to remain a child his body refuses and keeps on growing into an aduld.


To Help You Understand

2.From tears she hopes to buy back a little happiness and peace. The author, Mary Coleridge, is sick and tired of all the wars fought and lives lost and just wants it all to end.

She is putting herself in the place of a soldier and remembers the past and how happy it was. She also wishes for the silence that comes with tears and how crying just calmes you at times.

Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night

To Help You Understand

1.By ?that good night?, the author describes the time for everyone to pass away. He is explaining how some people take death as it comes to them and do not try to fight it and run away from it, but then there are also those who are scared of dying and cannot accept the fact that sooner or later time will come for them to pass away.

2.The third stanza is about people who in their life they have tried to do good deeds. Now, death starts creeping up on them and as they notice what is not supposed to happen they remember about their life and the good they have done.

The fourth stanza is about people who have gone out and enjoyed life to its fullest extent and now, as they learn that their time has come also, they admit that they are sad they have to go but still do not try to fight their fate.

The fifth stanza is about the very old people who eventhough it is their time to go they cannot admit it. In their eyes you could see their terror and freight and also rage.

3.The author is advising us to fight death at whatever time it comes for us. He tells us that there really is never a good time for death.

To Help You Appreciate

1.The last two lines are mainly the whole message of the poem. The

repetition of these lines is supposed to make people realize that no matter who you are you are still supposed to fight death and never let it catch you.

2.The rhyme scheme gives the whole poem a beat and it makes you follow it. By following this rhythm, the reader makes it sound in a special way, the way the author intended it to sound like. By having this rhythm, the reader also gives life of some sort to the poem.

3.We can tell that a man wrote this poem because in every stanza, except for the first and last one, the author only talks about men. The whole poem in fact is written from a man?s point of view.

To an Athlete Dying Young

To Help You Understand

1.The dead athlete got lucky according to the poet because his name will never be forgotten by the town?s people. Usually news is talked about for a while, during the time when it is still new to some people, and then it is forgotten, but the dead athlete is remembered forever.

2.All triumphs, no matter how glorious and spectacular they are, are forgotten about after time passes and people stop talking about it.

3.The line ?And the name died before the man? of the fifth stanza means that whatever someone is famous for and people know him for will be forgotten and after a while people will not care for him anymore because he is old news. This is how it always happens, no matter how grand someone is their fame will not last them their whole life.

?The Deeper Meanings?

The poem Tears is talking about arguements and violence in our world and how it all depresses everybody. It makes you think about how so many problems are caused by violence and in turn, trying to solve them, problems are causing violnce. Many innocent people are killed in this dark and messed up world for not looking, dressing, or thinking a certain way.

Do not Go Gently into that Night is about death and how people should overcome their fears and comfront it. Then again, everybody dies sooner or later and it makes no sense to try to fight it because age will just add more pain. In my opinion death is just a relief to save us from our misery, or just start again if you have lived a good life flourishing with happiness.

The poem To an Athlete Dying Young is about people who had real big plans for their life and wanted to become something, but never got the chance because their life had so sadly ended. Some people intend to really stay on track and want become someone but never get the chance because of some terrible accident or someone kills them before their time.

Every one of the poems mentioned above deals with death and how to handle it. Each one has different circumstances in which death occurs or is introduced. In Tears, the author talks about wars and how she is shedding tears for the misery to end and for people to know the meaning of ?peace?. Do Not Go Gently Into That Night describes how different kinds of people deal with their own death. The poem To An Athlete Dying Young is about a known and loved young runner who dies at a very young age and his whole town mourns his death.

Even though the poems have some characterstics in common they are also different in some ways. For example, Tears is about crying over the deaths of other people and crying for the terror to end. To An Athlete Dying Young talks about an innocent young man who dies way too early. Only the poem Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night actually talks about facing death and having to handle it. It describes how different people feel about dying and the author is encouraging us not to give in and accept death.

Discussing In Depth

Facing Death

To most people death is a terrible thing that they could never face. Most people are afraid of dying or even think about the time when they are going to die. Personally, it does not really bother me because it has kind of grown onto me over the years. Everybody will die sooner or later and the older you get the harder it becomes because of the sicknesses and strength. I think that it is better to pass away at an earlier age than grow very old and be like a vegetble.

Some people in this world lead very unhappy lives filled with misery and distress. In my opinion for those people the best thing would be to die. Living like that is just a waste because they could never have any happiness in their life. Living your whole life in agony and anguish would be worse than death.

Of course there are also people who do not have that many problems and are enjoying their life. I can understand why those people would not want to die because the live in such happiness and are enjoying every day to the fullest. Then again, I do not see the point in being afraid to die because they have no power over when they are going to go.

I have noticed that as people are more afraid of death they grow more paranoid. This causes them to have less enjoyment in their life they will hate their future. These people can never be happy because something will always be on their mind.

In conclusion, death is an unavoidable part of the life cycle that no one can deviate from. People have to relax and not worry about passing away because it will happen with or without their worries.

Nitro (Youth Energy)

Our generations

Sees the world not the same as before

We might as well just throw it all

And live like there’s no tomorrow

We are the ones

Who are living under the gun everyday

You might be gone before you know

So live like there?s no tomorrow

Ain’t gonna waste this life

You ain’t gonna live it for me

Believe it

The official view of the world has changed

In a whole new way

Live fast cause if you don’t take it

You’ll never make it

So if you understand me

And if you feel the same

Then you will know what nitro means

Gotta live like there’s no tomorrow

Ain’t gonna waste this life

You ain’t gonna live it for me

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