Use This With Your Parents To Get


Use This With Your Parents To Get A Check For Anything (or Cash) Essay, Research Paper

(I worte this in 7th Grade, I think I have used it (or or one like it) to get cash for anything… just add some stuff to it and make it look official. Have Fun!

May 24,1999

Dear Parents,

The students on team 7-2 will have the experience of a health professional visiting them. The students will learn about the human body and good social and mental health. This program is being run through the Johnson & Collins Research Company. The program has a charge of $20.00 and is optional. Each student will need to have a signed permission slip to participate. This program will run on the day of Friday June 4. The students will miss their regular classes and will be held responsible for making up missed assignments. If you want your child to participate in this educational activity, please turn in a check made out to Johnson & Collins Research. You may also pay in cash NO COINS PLEASE. Thank you for your support.

Yours truly,

Tim Sleep


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