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Nikola Ivanov

During my tenure as a tutor at Huron High School, I have noticed that most of the people that I tutor are males. In actuality, I have yet had a chance to tutor a female, however I have seen some of my classmates tutor many females. And from what I have seen, it seems that there are as many females as there are males. So for this instance, I notice that gender truly does not matter. True, I am sure that many years ago women were not seen as intellectuals and were probably frowned upon if they tried to succeed in the intellectual field. But as everything overtime things change. Throughout history, women did have a hard time achieving intellectual success. At the beginning, women were not even allowed to attend learning institutions. Then after time many years had passed they began to permeate into classes. Before they knew it they were being looked at as equals in this nation.

Some stereotypes still stick with women. For instance, most people can not seen women in powerful positions or upholding an important job. Thus, women are seen as less intellectual women even during school. However, I believe that this stereotype of women being less intellectual than men which is believed to be prevalent through society, truly does not exist. Presently, I think everyone is treated equally throughout the classroom as well as the real world. I am sure there are few cases where this is not true. Nevertheless from my experiences, I have not noticed any type of sexism in the classroom.

In general, I believe the articles do not encapsulate what I experienced throughout my high school experience or even what I observe at Huron High school. I do not know if my teachers were really liberal or if they are just like every other teacher. There are many differences from what the articles stated and what occurred in my school. For instance, in the article by Myra and David Sadker they state that they noticed in classrooms across the nation that usually males receive more talk time than women do. I do admit this may have happened early in women s history when they were beginning schooling. But I strongly adhere to the idea that women and men are equal and that there is no preconceived image made by professors for each gender. This is what I have observed throughout my schooling. In Hansot and Tyack s article they state that women and men are being separated in the educational field and as a result men are receiving a better education. At our current time, I strongly believe that this is not true. Currently, everyone who is in a class has proved himself or herself to be in that class. They do this by either passing a preceding course to that class or by taking a test that states that they belong in that class. This is why the ideas stated by Hansot and Tyack are not true in our existing society.

I believe the differences and similarities between the articles and my own experience come from perspective. The articles look at a variety of classrooms and take down generalizations, which prove that there is still an existing problem with sexism in the classroom. For me, it is very difficult to try to understand this sexism because I think, at least after reading these articles, have gone to a very non biased high school and I am very thankful for that. This is because I do not see women as less intellectual than men. I believe that this gives me a very non biased view of the world, which I think should be the way that most people should view the world.

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