Truth Or Lie


Truth Or Lie? Essay, Research Paper

January 31, 2000

Truth or Lie ….???

The truth should be told most of the time. I do not think however that lying should be put out of our mind because sometimes lying is the only option we have. Lying can be a good thing and a bad thing. Depending on the situation we should analyze it and find out if telling the truth would inflict more harm or lying would. For example, if a girlfriend asked hey boyfriend if she looked fat, he would obviously not want to tell her that she really did look fat if in fact she did. Instead, he would tell hey that she looked beautiful or exceptional . By lying in this situation he would save himself an argument as well as please his girlfriend. In this example lying is appropriate and is necessary.

Lying however can work against you sometimes, especially if you work in a high position. As a boss or leader, you are in control. What you say they listen to and if you for some reason decide to lie and give people the wrong ideas bad consequences will happen. Likewise, if you are an employee or a student and you lie to the teacher about say cheating on a test then the consequences will be much worse then if you had been telling the truth the whole time.

But in general telling the truth should happen much more often then telling a lie. Nobody likes a person who is a persistent liar. People like that tend to be untrustworthy and nobody wants to have that kind of a reputation. One last note, if you say you will return the pencil after using it, DO IT!! Or don t say that will return it at all.

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