Transformers More Than Meets The Eye


Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Essay, Research Paper

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

When I was younger, I loved to watch cartoons. Although I watched many

cartoons, there was one cartoon in particular that caught my attention the most.

This cartoon was a science fiction story about robotic lifeforms called The


At that time, The Transformers was the most exciting and important thing

in my life. It came on everyday, and I tried not to ever miss an episode. If I

knew I would miss an episode, I made sure I had someone record it for me so I

could watch it later. I even recorded many shows just to be able to watch them

over and over again.

One day when I was away somewhere, I had my mother record it for me.

After returning home, I immediately began to view the tape only to find out that

the tape ran out about half way though the show. I remember I was so incredibly

angry over not being able to completely watch the episode, that I threw a

childish tantrum by crying and yelling at my poor mother.

I later began buying The Transformers action figures; which were

developed by Hasbro from the television series. Over the years, I accumulated a

collection of about thirty different characters; which I still have stored in my

room. I don’t think I could ever get rid of them. Also, each Transformer came

with a stat card on the back of the box he was sold in that described his

various skills and attributes. I used to always cut these stat cards from the

back of the boxes, and tape them onto large sheets; which I hung on my bedroom

wall. Along with the action figures, I also had Transformer books and

Transformer bedsheets. I couldn’t get enough of the Transformers. I saw about

every episode, and I knew about everything there was to know about them.

The Transformers were intelligent robots with the ability to transform

from a robot shape to some other shape. The very first Transformers were the

Autobots and the Decepticons. The Autobots, who transformed into cars, were the

heroes, while the Decepticons, who transformed into jets, were the villains.

The two groups originated over a millennia ago. A race called the

Quintessons were the heads of a huge galactic corporation. They built the

planet of Cybertron into a huge factory in which to build robotic slaves. They

created two basic models: household and entertainment robots, and warrior robots.

Whenever one to the slaves began to show signs of intelligence, the Quintessons

destroyed them to be used as materials for new robots being created.

Eventually, however, more and more of the robots began to gain

intelligence, and they started a revolt against the Quintessons. This revolt

ended in the Quintessons fleeing the planet of Cybertron, and the robot slaves,

which become the Autobots and Decepticons, take control.

Sometime later the planet of Cybertron begins to die, and hostilities

arise between the Autobots and Decepticons. Both groups flee their planet in

search of energy, and they end up crashing on the planet Earth. This is where

the television series actually begins. Both groups search for the energy needed

to return to Cybertron, and to save their home planet. Meanwhile, the Autobots

must also protect Earth and its inhabitants from the evil Decepticons. The

story and plot become more complex as new Transformers and advancements in

technology are developed by both sides.

I constantly watched the show for about three years from its first

episodes in 1984. My interest in the show slowly died because most of the

original Transformers were killed off, and a new generation of was created;

which I didn’t care for as much.

In writing this paper, I have discovered that there is still an interest

for Transformers within me. I recently spent many hours looking at old

Transformer photos and scripts from the internet. Maybe I’ll try to complete my

collection of action figures, and even try to get a hold of the episodes on

video. They are becoming rare, and will probably be worth a quite a bit of money

someday. Collecting Transformers may become an interesting hobby in my future.

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