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Things are not always the way that they may seem! Have you ever read a story before and thought to yourself, ? have I read that before?? That was the reaction that I received when I was reading ?Top Girls.? I know that lots of people have read th

two different stories, but I?m almost positive that no one else has noticed the similarities that I did. So I?m not going to tell you the name quit yet!

The first scene of the play ?Top Girls began with a group of woman from different times and cultures, sitting down at a restaurant to meet and have dinner. It seems as if everyone is very excited to see each other, almost as if it may not happen qu

often. Never the less there is still someone who will attend the dinner party late!

Ring any bells yet? OK, I?ll continue….

Everyone sits to enjoy a meal but are very excited to tell there own stories that they are constantly interrupting each other in the process. There is also a character named Marlene, who tends to be directing all the conversations the way that she

nts them to go, but that really doesn?t seem to work. When approaching the end of the scene another character named Pope Joan, starts to rattle off bits of Latin, a language that seems foreign to everyone I know.

All of these points from ?Top Girls, may seem trivial to anyone else, but they sparked something in me that actually helped me comprehend the first scene.

If you have not already guessed what my comparison story is, it is ?Alice in Wonderland.?

The scene that I?m referring to is at the tea party, that only happens once a day, with the Mad Hatter. This is a daily event but all the characters act as if its a one time event. All of the people attending the tea party are from different social

lasses, such as the Queen versus the March Hare. Everyone is excited and it seems like nothing more than interruptions and chaos. The exception would have to be the white rabbit, who of course, is late for this very important date! Through all of thi

you have the Mad Hatter seems to be directing the chaos around the table. Also who can forget the fat Cheshire cat who spits out lingo that only he can understand. Do you see the likeness between the two? Not only are the characters actions and role

the same but both stories even take place, in a place that we can only dream about, a place we can not experience for ourselves.

Which bring me back to my earlier statement of ? things are not always what they may seem.? When we were discussing this scene in class a lot of people said that they found it confusing. I think you just needed to take it for what it was worth, an

try not to read into everything. Exactly like you would with ?Alice in Wonderland!?

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