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Comparative forms of tobacco use

In 1492 native Indians were smoking rolled up tobacco leaves. In the 16th century tobacco smoking spread to Europe. By the late 1800 tobacco tolled in paper called cigarettes were a major industry with billions being sold each year.

Today there are many products that contain tobacco. Cigarettes and snuff are the most popular on the market. Cigarettes consist of tobacco rolled in papers that are flavored, and some with filters. Snuff that consists of thinly shredded raw tobacco air packed in containers to chew.

Many leaders of the tobacco industry have yet to state that tobacco is an addicting drug. But in society today it is very convenient to purchase tobacco.

With cigarette s a person can puff and inhale their lungs with smoke, and snuff a person must place in their mouths between your bottom lip and gum. Both are ingested into your bloodstream and can affect your body in different ways.

Both uses of tobacco create oral fixation to the users. Such oral fixations are so controlling they can damage your body. With cigarettes it affects your lungs and throat. With snuff it affects your mouth, gums and throat. Both can cause bad breath. Both can stain your fingers and teeth the color yellow. Both can cause early ageing.

Cigarette smoking can lead to cancer in many parts of the body, but not surprisingly most of the damage it does to the lungs. Chewing tobacco can lead to cancer of the lips and mouth. Most cigarette smokes would like to believe they could protect themselves from cancer just by using a holder or by switching to filter-tipped cigarrettes, cigar or a pipe. Unfortunately they cant. Chewing tobacco is even worse. The users of this believe that just because they are not inhaling it that they are safe as well. They are not.

Two choices of tobacco use you inhale smoke or chew tobacco the effects are still severe. Both can cause disfigurement to the face, throat, and lungs. With cigarette smoking your throat can be severely damaged with the inner walls of your throat being stripped of its skin. Your lungs begin to be filled with tobacco tar that will inhibit your breathing and can cause severe coughing. Snuff your mouth and lower jaw can dissolve and will have to be removed.

Whether you smoke or chew tobacco both are considerably long term illness s that lead to addiction. Although one can lead to death faster, they both equally damage your health and body.

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