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In life, it is very important to help and teach others in any way possible. During my

past four years in high school, I have used my talents and abilities in order to help

benefit others and improve my community. Since childhood, I have always been very

creative and artistic in all of my endeavors — both academic and extra-curricular. In

addition, I have always been a very enthusiastic student and have had a strong

interest and desire to help teach other people. As I have grown older and more

mature, I have begun to realize the value and significance of helping others and

contributing to my surrounding community. Furthermore, I have recognized that the

best way to help others is by doing something that I personally have an interest and

strong ability in. By involving myself in worthwhile volunteer and community

activities, I can further develop my interests and talents while serving others.

One of my most unique volunteer activities was painting murals on the classroom

walls of a local elementary school. The South Plainfield Riley School summer

painting project took place during the summer of ? 94 and was a wonderful

experience for all who participated. Originally, I was offered a position to paint in the

school as a summer job, in which I would be paid on an hourly basis by the South

Plainfield Board of Education. Due to prior misunderstandings and

miscommunication on behalf of administrators, I was then informed that I could no

longer be paid to take part in the painting project. Unable to fid summer

employment, I decided to volunteer my artistic abilities and help paint in the school

anyway. I had my heart set on painting all summer, and I decided that was more

important than simply making money.

That project was one of the best things I have ever done. Sometimes I spent ten

hours a day at the school, standing on top of ladders and tables to reach the area I

was painting. I came home exhausted and sick from paint fumes almost everyday,

but I had the time of my life. The project was a huge success, and all of the children

were overjoyed to see Charlie Brown and Mickey Mouse come to life one their

classroom walls. Being involved in that project enabled me to meet wonderful,

dedicated people, and it gave me the opportunity to enhance my artistic talent. Most

importantly, I helped make some students’ educations a little brighter and a little

more interesting.

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