Thunderstorms – What Are They? Essay, Research Paper

In order for thunderstorm to happen it needs three things. One out the three is moisture, so it can form clouds and rain. The second thing is unstable air, warm air that can rise rapidly. The third one is lifts, fronts, seabreezes, and moutains that are capable of lifting air to help form thunderstorms. That is also what causes thunderstorms. Signs of dangerous thunderstorms are, dark towering, or threating clouds.

They most likely happen in the spring time. Some safety tips are, watch for lightning and don’t go by electrical appliances. Use the phone as little as possible. If your outdoors stay as low to ground as you can. Don’t stand under any type of tree. If you live near a river or lake watch out for flash floods.

You can tell how are far lightning is by counting the seconds inbetween the flash and thunder. Every five seconds equals one mile. When you hear there is going to be a bad rainfall in your area, you might want to see how much it rained. Take a hard can or bucket and cover it in foil. Tape a ruler inside your can or bucket. The next day look and see how much it rained.

Some supplies you will need to keep safe are, flashlights with extra batteries, portable radio, first aid kits and manuals, emergency foods and waters. Also non-electric can opener, essential medicains, Cash and credit cards. Also sturdy shoes. If you have trees in your yard make sure they are sturdy. You can always get extra things to be safer.

Check in with other family members. If your in a car get very far away from trees. Stay in your car. Watch out for flooded roads. If you have a car phone use as little as possible.

After the thunderstorms check for injuries. Help neighbors expecally elderly people. Drive only as necessary. Remember a typical thunderstorm is 15 miles 30 minutes.

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