The climate of Great Britain


The climate of Great Britain

The climate of Great Britain varies considerably depending upon the time of year and the area. Great Britain includes four different countries: England in the sought, Wales to the west of England, Northern Ireland off the western coast of Wales and also Scotland in the north. England’s driest months are July and August with very little rainfall. Temperatures are warm with an average of around 25 C throughout England. During the winter months, however, the rainfall increases amazingly. Almost every day during January and February sees rain or cold winds. Temperature fall to a little above 0 C and the sun is very rarely seen.

Wales to the west has a large number of mountains, the main range is the Cambrian. Rainfall is much higher than in England but the temperatures are very similar during both the summer and winter months.

Scotland is almost a thousand kilometres to the north of London. This results in a much lower average temperature year-round. Indeed the highland of Scotland has temperatures in January and February as cold, if not colder, that Kiev. The rainfall is huge.

Ireland faces the Atlantic Ocean. On the western coast of Ireland there are a few low mountains which catch a lot of rain. Very cold winds are blowing across from the ocean. The high rainfall in both Ireland and Scotland however means that both countries are amongst the greenest and the most beautiful in the whole Europe.

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