The Whistle


The Whistle Essay, Research Paper

…When I was a young boy at the age of nine years old, my father gave me money to spend but it was to last me all week long. Not alarmed by how much time I had between now and next week never came to mind until I had spent the money and by then it was to late. I went directly to the mall and bought these new shoes that I had seen advertised on television with the logo of my favorite athlete named. After going to school the next day and showing my new shoes I had almost everyone’s heads turning for look at them. I began to feel that these shoes were just another item on the shelf, because everyone told me that they seen the same shoes on sale for a cheaper price then I had bought them for. Now that everyone had my shoes I felt that I had spent a lot of money on my looking good when in the long run I was looking good for myself. By day three I decide that I would go to the mall to price the same shoes and sure enough my shoes were marked down thirty- percent off on sale. I felt that I was cheated out of seventy-five dollars when I was suppose to make that money last for two weeks. It wasn’t until a few days later that I had seen more than three other kids wearing my same shoes. I then realized that trying to keep up with an image gave me more of a challenge then a pleasure.

This was when I decided that giving in to advertisements left an impression in my mind saying that I should and will no longer be tempted to buy things that are unnecessary items. Like the shoes, I gave into the whistle, now I must save my money and never again give into the whistle.

After years of understanding and learning the tricks of the trade I was caught up in the obstruction of paying the price of the whistle. After meeting many men that once have also paid the price, I told myself that I will never give too much for the whistle, but instead I will learn to budget my money.

When I saw myself as one who did not sacrifices his time in doing his homework or putting forth the effort of wanting to learn; because he feels that it is just a waste of time. Not wanting to do his homework because he would rather be listening to music or playing video games, What a pity say I, that child is throwing all that good knowledge out the door. He must pay so much for a whistle!

As once a athlete who did not follow his curfew as his parents tell him because he is to busy accompanying his friends and playing outdoor sports until very late in the evening, which he as athlete it is only in his favor of keeping in good shape. The child feels that the chores can be done at any time of the day, but should not have any specific time of that day that thy are assigned to be due. Poor child, you have pay so much for your whistle.

When I see one who as a teenager, who would rather be living off of the money that his parents gave him them to go and get a job of his own in order to support himself. I see myself as a child, who needs to understand the value of a dollar and the hard work that it takes to obtain that dollar. I then could say to one that you have paid dearly for that whistle.

I have learned that false estimates have made the values of things brought upon mankind, and by their giving too much for their whistles are the price that some people have to pay.



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