The Wait


The Wait Essay, Research Paper

The Wait

Suzy was waiting at the kinder gate for her Mummy to pick her up

and take her home. She saw a red car pull up, that was Sally’s car

“Bye Sally!” said Suzy “see you tomorrow!”

A big blue car pulled up in front of the kindi; that was not her

mummy’s car. That was Tom and Tim’s car – They were twins.

“By Tom and Tim” said Suzy “see you tomorrow!”

A little yellow car drove into the kindi driveway. Suzy’s mum wasn’t in

it either. It was Lucy’s car. Lucy’s curls bobbed as she hopped in.

“Bye Suzy” said Lucy “See you tomorrow!”

“Bye.” Said Suzy.

She turned around so she could see the teacher, Miss Thatcher. She

was still there waiting for everybody’s mummies and daddies to pick

them up.

Soon, all of Suzy’s friends were gone: Mark, Sammy, Julia, Pete and

even Jane. It was getting dusky, the sun was going down.

“I tell you what,” said Miss Thatcher, “Come inside, I’ll make you a

cup of cocoa and you can have some teddy bear biscuits while I give

your mummy a ring.

Suzy nodded her head and tried to hold back her tears like a big girl.

Had her Mummy forgotten her? She went inside and started munching

on biscuits and sipping cocoa.

The moment Miss Thatcher picked up the phone to ring Suzy’s

mummy they heard a car honking in the driveway.

“Mummy!” Suzy shouted.

“Sorry I’m so late pumpkin,” Said Suzy’s mum But I had to pick up

something very special for your birthday? but you’ll have to wait until

tomorrow to see what it is.”

“Awwww!” whined Suzy “Thanks Very much for waiting with me Miss

Thatcher, I’ll be the first one finger painting tomorrow!”

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