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1. There are several instances in “The Valley” that show that customs and traditions pass on through different generations. The first example takes place with the first sketch, Jehu. Where Hinojosa describes how a girl’s hand in marriage is traditionally asked for. Hinojosa weaves in two different generation performing the same tradition, Roque Malacara, asking for Tere, and Braulio Tapia taking in retro-spect about his own experience, when he too had to face his father-in-law and ask for his wives hand in marriage.

Another example of traditions is the giving of nicknames, or apodos. From making the name easier, to naming them for a characteristic, nicknaming is seen through out the different generations, families, and cities. Like Vicky for Eduviges, Panchita for Francisca, Chedes for Mercedes, and Rafa for Rafael. Nicknames were also give for other reasons like physical or personality characteristics, such as Hoarsey because his voice was that, or Mion because he happen to pee in his pants.

Yet another example of traditions and customs through out different generations, is the oral tradition. Jehu and Rafa both narrate part of their story, the same way the viejiots did about the Revolution. The same way their children with talk about their own experience. The oral tradition is one of the ways customs or traditions are kept alive through out the years.

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