The Third Millennium


The Third Millennium – Threat Or Promise Essay, Research Paper

About a week ago, a conversation between my friend, Stephen and I was sparked by the new Millennium bridge on the quays. We talked about the prospects of the new millennium and how it has been used as a financial leg-up for companies all around the world. I think that GM foods will wipe out hunger after much research, he strongly disagreed and believes it is just another mess that the human race has brought upon itself. In the end, we both agreed that it was down right disappointing that there were no flying cars yet.

How has the turn of the century, and the less than climactic entry into the new millennium, affected the average person? The quality of life has consistently increased in this country in the last six years, but can the next thousand years promise the same general improvements? Has the new millennium changed things that much? The increase of awareness has led me to think that maybe we can organise life for as many people as possible. Unfortunately, I don t believe that the world assets can ever be balanced equally. The human race has a primal selfishness that can show itself in the most generous.

In 1999 the uproar of genetically modified food began. Scientist Dr Arpad Pusztai research found that genetically modified potatoes damaged rats, stunting their growth and attacking their body’s defences. Dr Pusztai was sacked from his job at the Rowett Research Institute for his research and for declaring that he thought the public was being used as guinea pigs” by the food industry. Through his research government the world over have been forced to become aware of the dangers of GM food. I think that GM foods may be used to wipe out hunger in the next millennium, but for the moment caution of the unknown is advised.

There have been promising developments for both working and shopping from the home over the Internet. This also carries equal threat, as the fast development of technology creates risks of job loss. The isolation of workers from personal one-on-one contact with other employees and clients is a dangerous territory that may inhibit communication skills. Charity has also begun to seep on to the net with the recent development of Net Aid.

The turn of the millennium was nearly wholly based on having a good time and bettering the world s economy. When our calendar today was based around the year that Jesus was born. Even that was a mistake. A monk re-worked our calendar two hundred years ago and it was found that his work was about three years out. The millennium should have been celebrated in 1997.

I am ever in awe of the medical research that has been gaining in promise for the last ten years. The year 2000 is no different. Just last week a man having lost both arms in an accident had them reattached successfully. With the over use of anti-biotics we risk facing our influenza bouts without any relief. Even worse are the consequences when flu-ridden people stop taking their courses of anti-biotics when they feel better. This leaves a trace of the virus in their system and allows the virus to become immune to the medicine. This was the beginning of the Super Viruses which are increasing more and more. The use of paracetamol has also been found to give its taker chronic headaches, which remain unexplained.

Well, for me the millennium is full of promise. Soon school will be far behind me. Travel or college will take over. Who knows where I will be this time next year? Maybe the colleges can tell me! I hope to take advantage of teleworking so I can have children and work.

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