The Stone Age Tool


The Stone Age Tool Essay, Research Paper

The Stone Age Tool

The Neanderthals lived form 70,000 to 40,000 B.C. By that time man knew how to make tools, not just find and object and use it, but craft it with their own hands.

One of the best tools that the Neanderthal had was the spear. It was used to kill animals, big or small. The spear was used to puncture the skin of the animal by doing so the animal would die. It was the tool that allowed the Neanderthal to be so successful in hunting . The spear was probably one of the most useful tools that a Neanderthal had.

The spear was usually made with a stick of some sort and a stone. The stone would be made into a point triangular like shape, using another stone to shape it that way. The stick would be found or broken off a tree. The way the spear would be made is by placing the triangular shape stone on top of the stick (placing the pointy end facing outward), and then the stick and the stone would be tied together. This would be done with thin roots of a tree.

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