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The Singer Essay, Research Paper

I. Main Characters

A. Anthem- Protagonist

Anthem is the protagonist or the “good guy” in the story. “It is good to be=20

your child, Earthmaker,” this statement tells us that Anthem is a Singerian=20

(a Christian). “The power of EarthMaker will be yours, to bear the Singer an=


his Song before the kings of Terra. I believe he is a static character=20

because he stayed essentially the same through out the entire story. And=20

Anthem answered, “Admit your emptiness, and open to the Wind. Receive the=20

Stigmon of the Singer,” this was at the beginning of the story where Anthem=20

was witnessing. This was closer to the end and Anthem was still witnessing=20

“Both Earthmaker and his Singer are here. And you may be unchained if you cr=


out your guilt.” He is a metaphorical character of an amalgamation of variou=


different characters from the Bible. What I gathered was he was all of the=20

disciples. And mainly Paul, because Paul’s name was Saul and God changed it.=


Anthem’s name was Madman but God changed it to Anthem. He sung (witnessed)=20

the Ancient Star-Song to the people of Terra (earth). His character is=20

revialed through direct exposition because it is told exactly what he is,=20

“From now on you will be Anthem, for you will be the Herald of Anointing,”=20

God said.

B. Sarkon- Antagonist.

He was the opposing character, rival, or “bad guy”. “As the wail rose in the=


streets, Sarkon, The World Hater, at a triump which he knew would be short=20

lived.” I believe he was a static character because he stayed the same=20

through the whole story. “He (Sarkon) hated Terra as he always had.” I=20

believe he was revealed through direct exposition, “Sarkon, the World Hater=


He is a metaphorical character to Satan. He was an evil character and you=20

quickly detest him. “Meanwhile he (Sarkon) enjoyed seeing Terra at the point=


of death.”=20

C. Invader- Protagonist

He was another good guy in the story. He was a static character. He was=20

revealed through indirect revelation because you had to draw your own=20

conclusions through what the author wrote. “A fiery brilliant radiance=20

proclaimed his mighty name- Invader.” “Earthmaker, Singer, and Invader be th=


substance of infinity.”=20

II. Main Plot

A. Beginning-

=C2=B7 Terra waited for Earthmaker to speak. “Terra was a field of tombs”

=C2=B7 Terra was slowly dieing for lack of water.=20

=C2=B7 An old woman who had a scroll died and Anthem (who was still Madman=

) was=20

given the scroll.

=C2=B7 The well dried-up and Terra lost all speech, “Words like water, cea=

sed to=20


=C2=B7 Sarkon revelled in his temporary triumph.=20

=C2=B7 Earthmaker came to Madman and changed his name to Anthem.

=C2=B7 Rain finally came to Terra.=20

=C2=B7 Anthem sang the Wind Song.

=C2=B7 Invader came and many people were invaded. This was called the Age=20=

of the=20


B. Middle-=20

=C2=B7 Sarkon confronted Anthem.=20

=C2=B7 Sarkon finds approval with Everyman, a troubled youth looking for=20


=C2=B7 Sarkon threw a rock at Anthem and knocked him oit.=20

=C2=B7 Everyman finds temporary satisfaction.

=C2=B7 Everyman visited Anthem, who gives him a parchment that he had writ=

ten on=20

and gave Everyman special instructions for it.

=C2=B7 Sarkon took Everyman to meet the man who (supposedly) buried the Si=


but it was a dragon in disguise.

=C2=B7 Anthem found Everyman and then Everyman became unchained.

=C2=B7 Everyman and Anthem sang of the Singer in the Streets of Terra.

=C2=B7 Those who were still chained began to persecute Anthem and Everyman=


the Singerians (the Christians) and killed two Singerians.

=C2=B7 Everyman and Anthem saw a vision of a dragon in the cilt Urbis.

=C2=B7 They decide to go to Urbis.

=C2=B7 On the ship to Urbis, Anthem and Everyman met Praxis the Builder.

=C2=B7 Builder wanted to make an inaccurate statue of the Singer.

=C2=B7 Anthem and Everyman disagree with the statue and unsuccessfully tri=

ed to=20

tell the Builder of being unchained.

=C2=B7 Anthem and Everyman met the Singerians in Lower Urbis.

=C2=B7 They sang the Star-Song and more of the people of lower Urbis were=20

unchained and invaded.=20

=C2=B7 Lower Urbis celebrated the Festival of Life.

=C2=B7 The Star-Song came to Upper Urbis.

=C2=B7 The Poet King learned of the Star-Song and then issued an execution=


those who did not believe in the mountain gods.

=C2=B7 Praxis sold his soul to Sarkon who finished the statue of Sarkon on=



=C2=B7 The Singerians who were in lower Urbis were poisoned and died.=20

=C2=B7 The Singerians who escaped the tunnels were captured and brought to=


prison cells. Anthem and Everyman escaped the capture.

=C2=B7 The Singerians in prison became ill and some died.

=C2=B7 Sarkon made Praxis carry out a new decree “All children in the cell=


below the age of seven summers must be taken from their parents.”

=C2=B7 Praxis carried out the decree made by Sarkon.

=C2=B7 The Games of Karnos began.=20

=C2=B7 Anthem and Everyman give Praxis the opportunity again to be invaded=

; but=20

again Praxis refused.

=C2=B7 Blach Knights from the Poet King found Everyman and Anthem.

=C2=B7 Everyman was tied to a pole with oiled faggots under him for his=20

execution. Sarkon told Praxis to light the log on fire; but Praxis couldn’t.=


He threw the lit tourch at Sarkon and fled. Sarkon then lit the oiled logs;=20

Everyman died (was freed).

=C2=B7 Praxis cried out to Earthmaker and then met a White Knight; Praxis=20=


the Star-Song and became unchained.

=C2=B7 =20

C. End

=C2=B7 Praxis destroyed the statue of Sarkon and was arrested.

=C2=B7 Anthem and Praxis were released with the Tasman jackals to be execu=


=C2=B7 *****************

D. The main conflict of this story was an external conflict between two=20

opposing forces; good vs. evil. This story is about Satan, the antagonistic=20

character, (the World Hater) constantly trying too thwart the spread of the=20

gospel (the Star-Song). There is also some very strong internal conflict=20

happening though. Everyman is a student of science and facts he struggles=20

numerous times in trying to understand the concept of Eathemaker, and his=20

Singer. Praxis is burdened with guilt. He struggles to accept the fact that=


the Singer wanted to forgive him.=20

III. Main Theme-=20

A. The Invader (Holy Spirit) has come in the place of the Singer (Jesus=20

Christ) and now the Singerians (the Christians) are spreading the Star-Song=20

(the gospel). The persecution of the Christians has begun and the story tell=


of what happened to them.=20

This novel leads the reader to understand that standing strong for Jesus is=20

not easy. But the reward for perseverance is far greater then any earthly=20


B. We have it very easy now-a-days in our Christian walks. We need to be=20

living everyday sold-out for Jesus Christ.

IV. Conclusions/Comparisons-=20

A. This story was an allegory because every character or event or object wa=


a symbol of a Biblical event or character

This is a continuation of the novel, The Singer. It is a metaphorical=20

retelling of the New Testament, picking up where The Singer left off.=20

” In the center of the universe the Singer and his Father spoke of the Final=


victory. The Ancient World Hater heard their whispered plans and trembled.


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