The Rose


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In Mexico they celebrate the birth of Jesus and the coming of the

three kings. Their celebrations begin 12 days before Christmas. When

reenactments of Virgin Mary searching for shelter occur. The followers

grow in numbers until it they all reach a church, where mass is held.

In some Hispanic areas they celebrate the holidays on Three Kings

Day, which is January 6th. This was traditionally the day that all the

gift-giving took place. But now many areas follow the U.S. and

exchange gifts on December 25th. Many children now look forward to

receiving gifts on both days.

The celebration usually begins in the afternoon or at the dinner

time when a rosca or two is shared among family members. On

Christmas Eve everybody gets together in the z?calo for a night of

dancing. Many times families celebrate with the making and eating of

tamales. Which I think are absolutely delicious.

Les gusta comen los tamales. Les gusta bailan. Les gusta visitan

los relatives.



3. Compton?s Interactive Encyclopedia

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