The Roman Legions


The Roman Legions Essay, Research Paper

The training of Romes Legions was very hard. The Legions were trained to obey every order given by their superior. Their drills were described to be as brutal as actual combat with their enemies. Their weapons were thrust as hard against their fellow Legions as they were in battle against their enemies. Their drill weapons were twice as heavy as their weapons used in the battle field and were made of wood. The Legions also had to train with excess baggage to make them stronger. The discipline was harsh. If Legions were found not doing what they were supposed to do they were whipped, if they were lucky. In most cases they were stoned to death. To become a Legion you had to be a citizen of Rome. Legions were not allowed to have wives, but many had mistresses. During their treks out into the battle fields they would take the necessary equipment and would take bookkeepers, blacksmiths and veterinarians for the cavalry. When the Legions stopped to rest they would build a fortified camp where they would rest. All of the Legions would take part and help build the camp. A lot of effort was put into their place of rest. They would even out uneven earth and move large objects that got in the way of their camp. They would fortify the camp with catapults and ballistas ready to open fire at any unwelcome guests. One group of Legions was once commanded by a man named Tibereus who had pledged an oath to Emperor Tragen. Tibereus was better armed than his fellow Legions. In battle the Legions would march forward just like Phalanx but better protected. They would march forward in a formation called testugo a tortoise like formation where each man would hold his shield overtop of the man in front of him. Then each man would hurl his javelin at his enemy. The javelin or spear would buckle so it would not be able to be thrown back at them by their enemy. Each man would also be armed with a short-sword that was wider at the tip than the base along with two or more heavy or light spears. The Legions would suit up in leather or bronze body armor which they provided themselves. For every two men that went into battle, only one would survive. Rome was considered to be the greatest nation of the world.

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