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Writer`s Comments: An???? ysis of the raven

Body:the raven description: an ysis of the raven bodyThe Raven Topic: The Raven is about how the author is haunted by his grief of the of his lover, Lenore. Theme: The untimely of a beautiful woman. Sense: I think that the whole poem is about the of a beautiful woman. It seems to me that the raven symbolizes the grief he has for his lost love, Lenore. Once he let the raven in it tormented his soul forever. I think the reason why the raven keeps saying nevermore is because he knows that Lenore is never coming back. The poem is basically that the bird is a sad and never-ending remembrance of his lost love, Lenore. The writer seems to think that he will never forget his lover because she will always live in his mind forever. Summary: During a cold, dark evening in December, a man is attempting to find some contentment from the remembrance of his lost love, Lenore, by reading volumes of “forgotten lore.” Just as he is about to fall asleep, something knocks at his door. First he thought that the knock was only a result of his dreaming, then finally he opens the door, but there is no one there. He looks out the door scared and curious, when he goes to speak he can only say the word “Lenore.” When he closes the door, another knock is immediately heard on the window. He throws open the shutter and window, and in steps a large, beautiful raven, which immediately posts itself on the bust of Pallas Athena, the Greek of wisdom, above the entrance of the room. He asks its name, and the bird replies “Nevermore.” Believing “Nevermore” to be the raven’s name, he is curious, but he believes the name isn’t relevant to his question, because he has never heard of any man or animal called by that name. Although the bird is peaceful, the narrator mutters to himself that it, like all other blessings of his life, will soon leave him. Again the bird replies “Nevermore.” Intrigued, he pulls a chair up directly before the bird to more readily direct his attention to the raven, and

to figure out the meaning of the bird’s reply. While he thinks in the chair, he starts to think of Lenore. Suddenly overcome with grief, he believes that the raven is from god, who intends to help him get rid of his grief, but again the bird replies “nevermore”. The speaker then thinks the bird is not what it seems, calling it a “thing of evil,” and asks it whether there is “balm in Gilead,” a biblical reference to a land with suffering. Again, the word “nevermore” is the only answer. He demands that the bird leave, he attempts to send the bird back to the “Plutonian shore” of Hell from where it came. The bird, replies again “nevermore,” and sits there on the bust of Pallas to this day, to torment the speaker’s soul forever, about his lost love. Intention: The poem was probably written because the poet has actually gone through similar experiences. Maybe Poe was writing about his wife Virginia that died. Tone: The poet is very sad about the loss of his lover, Lenore, the poet wants to forget about her but he can’t because he loved her so deeply. Structure: The poem is a metaphor poem. The raven is being compared to the grief of his lost lover, Lenore. The poet is giving you an image of a man sitting in his house being tormented by the raven that symbolizes the grief of his lost love, Lenore. As much as the poet wants to forget about his lost lover he can’t because he loved her so deeply. When Poe was constructing this poem he made it so it had a very distinct rhyming structure. He breaks the poem into sections sort of like ever section is its own individual poem. In the middle of the first line where you would normally end it he has a word that rhymes with the last word of that line. Then he breaks his pattern by adding a new line that the last word rhymes with, two lines later. The third line corresponds with the first. However, the last section was quite different from the rest. The fifth line doesn’t rhyme but continues into the sixth line that rhymes with the second and fourth.

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