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Renowned thinker Samuel Johnson stated that, “The only end of writing is to enable the readers better to enjoy life, or better to endure it.” Through this quote Mr. Jackson is revealing, that the sole reason for writing is to assist the reader bear their seemingly futile existence. This is absolutely absurd! Writers continue with their craft for a variety of reasons primarily to express themselves, out of passion, and obviously for monetary incentives. Consequently, writers do no write predominantly to assist the public but rather to relieve and assist themselves.

Admittedly some authors attempt to implement some form of moral or lesson into their work, yet these concepts are hardly remembered once an individual confronts some type crisis. Therefore they are restricted to the work, which they originate from and as a result are void of any real significance. Moreover, many writers have alternative motives in reference to their work. Many create for recognition and fame. Every human being has the natural instinct to be the superior to all others. Thus it is a situation which concerns both ones pride and egotistical nature. Many write just to be well known; everyone wants to be the best writer ever.

The above leads into the obvious fact that a multitude of writers do so for monetary reasons. It has been said that no one does something for nothing and that there is no such thing as a selfless deed. These statements are quite true and as a result one can infer that these writers would like to be making a large sum of money. Whether they are or not is irrelevant. The fact remains that if one were to offer monetary funds to these individuals not a one would refuse.

Furthermore, writers write not for the public but for themselves. They use their talent as a form of self-expression. People convey themselves in different ways, specifically; artists’ paint, singers sing, and labourers work. Even though their work has little impact on the common man’s life, it assists them considerably. It is an outlet for their minds; a way to express their feelings. Accordingly it is a relief for the authors mind.

Therefore it has become apparent that writers generate products principally for themselves. It is there essence, whether they enjoy it or not. They have a passion which resides in them and creating works becomes a form of fulfillment. The majority of writers would rather be writing than doing anything else. Thus there work is for them alone and as for the readers it becomes a filler of time during the course of the day.

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