The Prevention Of Breastcancer


The Prevention Of Breastcancer Essay, Research Paper

The Prevention of Breast Cancer

Does exercise really help prevent breast cancer or is that just an act of wellness. Well in

1985 Researchers from Harvard University discovered that exercise really prevents the

risk of breast cancer by 35%. Just because that theory was brought up woman who

exercised hard as teenagers still did not believe regular exercise could reduce the risk of

breast cancer. We found no protective effect whatsoever, study author Beverly

Rockhill said at that time. But Rockhill says today if woman overestimates how much

they exercised in the years passed it increases the chance of this theory not being

successful. Rockhill also shows up a more recent group of nurses study to prove this

theory. Beverly Rockhill this time sets our attention on post menopausal and pre

menopausal woman. It is known that post menopausal woman risk are higher than pre

menopausal woman,so they need the exercise! Your hormone level from age ten to age

fifty determines your life long breast cancer risk says Rockhill. Anything you can do

physically to keep ovarian hormones down during your reproductive years will lower

your risk Overweight pos menopausal woman are at a greater risk than leaner wpoman,

because the muscles will take the place of fat. Another reason why overweight post

menopausal woman are at greater risk because the ovaries do not pump out estrogen and

the body s fat tissue still produce it. When you are in your postmenopausal stage you

have to keep your weight in check. When a woman of any age stay active it revs up the

immune system and the killer cells that can destroy incipient cancers. Exercise also helps

the body use up insulin more efficiently. If you exercise at least four times a week or

started exercising a lot when you were younger it will greatly reduce the risk of breast

cancer. If woman found out early enough about the breast cancer they have it is 97%

curable. And just because woman have a lump on their breast 80% of the time it does not

mean that they have breast cancer. A lot of problems go wrong in a woman breast.

However there are many ways we can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Don t smoke,

avoid excessive alcohol consumption, exercise and reduce dietary intake and get early

screening. The reason why most woman do not get tested for breast cancer is because

they are afraid what the consequences are and what they would have to live with. Woman

who are 40 and above should have annual mammograms and if you are at higher risk you

should start at the age of 35. And just because you get checked out early does not mean it

will prevent breast cancer, but it will save your life because I will reduce treatment and

improves the quality of cancer patients. If woman did not know they could loose their

breast of breast cancer they would get check regularly. At one time the American Cancer

Society said Mastectomy was the standard therapy, but now only a remnant choose this

therapy. Health professionals recommend that between the ages of 20 and 39 should get

their breast checked by a health professional every three years. Woman 20 and older

should perform self -examination every month so they would know how their breast

normally feel so when a problem show up they can detect it. Dr. Browne, the National

Medical Associations point person on breast cancer said Some woman who are very

intelligent says they do not have time to go to the doctor, but it is just critical to do so.

It s sad to know that most part time workers do not receive health insurance to pay for

mammograms, and have to pay for it right out of their pocket plus be afraid on top of

that. Dr. Freeman, President and CEO of New York s North General Hospital, says He

thinks that it is harmful when he see white woman having the same symptoms as blacks

getting different treatment because some blacks don t have the funds to support

themselves . To all woman who do not for sure if they are diagnosed with breast cancer

go now because it could be curable says, Scientist.

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