The Post Office


The Post Office Essay, Research Paper

“The Post Office”

There has always been one place that has filled me with dread. Every time I walk into the post office I feel an overwhelming sense of disgust and threat. There are several reasons why the post office affects me in these ways. I feel so disgusted when I walk in the post office because often they do not have the materials I need. Another reason I feel disgust when I am in the post office is because the lines are always very long. In addition to the disgust, I feel threatened when I am in the post office because of how the postal office employee’s treat me.

When I walk into the post office they often do not have the materials I need or desire. They usually do not have appropriate size boxes or envelopes for the articles that need to be sent. This is very inconvenient for me because without the correct size packaging the content risks being damaged. Also, the post office is deficient in pens and tape. Although not a major hindrance, this is often an inconvenience.

I also feel disgust in the post office because in addition to the lack of materials they possess, they also have excruciatingly long lines. For one thing it takes a long time to get through the line and I do not like having my precious time squandered ridiculously. Secondly, long lines often make one feel pressured to strike up a conversation about their common dilemma; being stuck in a long line.

I feel threatened when I am in the post office because of how the postal employees treat me. After being driven through the line like a bull to be slaughtered, at the end of the shoot lies an angry postal worker who has seen one too many heifers. By the time I arrive at the face of the employee it is evident that I am not well received and they are not concerned with my needs or wants. This results in a less desired outcome than my ultimate expectations.

Now I have related to you the reasons I abhor the processes of the postal service. The feelings of disgust and threat I feel from being in that institution overwhelms me with dislike to the outermost limits.

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