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The Phantom of the Opera is a story filled with romance,mystery,and secrets. the story takes place in the Paris opera House,where a mysterious ghost continues to haunt the actors,managers,and backstage people. Of course, this is ghost or phantom is not a ghost at all but a deformed man named Eric. Eric hates the world and is determined to try to live in peace with his love,an actress, Christine Daae. Eric will stop at nothing to get what he wants,which is why he is portrayed by most people as an evil spirit. Anyone who comes into his path will be eliminated. Eric is refered to as the Phantom because that is how he seems to act as no one seems to see him but they here him and things continue to happen. The woman,Christine Daae, whom he is in love with does not return his love mostly because Eric evokes horror out of young Daae. Christine is also in love with her childhood friend,Raoul. The two plan to runaway together and get married after Christine does one last performance. The Phantom over hears this and plans against it. The night the Phantom steals Christine as she is performing on stage and takes her to his lair six stories under the Opera House. Raoul goes after to find her with help from a man who knows the Phantom as a man and knows where he lives. The two travel to Eric’s lair,but get trapped because Eric knew they were coming.

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