The Parallel Between


The Parallel Between “The Mirror With A Memory” And “USDA Government Inspected” Essay, Research Paper

The parallel between “The Mirror with a Memory” and “USDA Government

Inspected” is the fact that both essays emphasize the use of visual imagery. Reiss used

photographs to show the public of the conditions in which the other half lived and in the

other essay they used political cartoons so that the public could identify the person which

was characterized by their overemphasized traits or mannerisms.

Reiss wanted to show the public how the other half lived and used photographs to show them. His photographs showed everything from street arabs to working families. He was able to connect the reader to the plight of the urban poor. This was a world that they had never seen before and he was able to bring about reform as a result of this.

Political cartoonist used characters that were easily recognizable to the readers at that time. The cartoonist were able to show what current events were going on at the time while minimizing the political battles that the public never realized were going on. They were able to show Roosevelt and his usual big stick and glaring teeth beating up the trusts or other current events of the time. This was a way the public could identify with what was going on at the time.

Both essays point out the use of this type of visualization and the effect it had on the public. This medium is still used today by authors and the media alike to get the public or readers to see the things that they would not normally see.

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