The Nursing Home A Nice Place For


The Nursing Home: A Nice Place For The Elderly Essay, Research Paper

The Nursing Home: A Nice Place for the Elderly

A.) Security


2.)Lost faculties (No need to drive)

3.)Away from con-artists

B.) Activities

1.)Entertainment/Songs (Brownies example)

2.)Activities/Crafts (Beta Club example)

3.)People of similar age

C.)Health Care

1.)Takes stress off of the family

2.)Help with prescriptions and medicine

3.)In case of emergency…

The Nursing Home: A Haven for the Elderly

Today’s nursing homes are excellent environments for our elderly. These

establishments provide health care, entertainment, security, and above all, a

home for over 1,000,000 American citizens over age 70. There is no better place

for an individual who is slowly losing his or her faculties. During one’s

“golden years,” one should not have to worry about daily chores like washing the

dishes or mowing the lawn. One should be able to relax and enjoy life. Nursing

homes give the elderly a chance to do just that.

Security is a primary focus in most nursing homes. Curfews exist to

insure the safety and protection of the residents. Also, busses take the

senior citizens to places of common interest, such as the grocery store and

local shopping malls. This alleviates the everyday stress of driving for those

residents who are losing some of their basic faculties, and creates a safer

driving environment for everyone. In addition, these older citizens are

protected from those con-artists who prey deliberately on the elderly.

Nursing homes are full of entertainment and activities. I recall

visiting a local nursing home with my second grade Brownie troop. We sang songs

and made crafts with the residents. It was an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Just last year, I went with my high school’s Beta Club to a nearby nursing home

where we held a Valentine’s Day party with cake and ice cream for all of the

residents. They really enjoyed our company. Aside from outside visitors,

residents have the opportunity to make new friends within the home itself.

Since everyone is generally the same age, most have a great deal in common and

get along well with their ‘neighbors.’

Of course, the primary purpose of today’s nursing homes is health care.

Family members can rest assured that their older loved ones are taken care of,

day and night. This removes a great stress from the family of an elderly person

who can no longer care for him or herself. The facility helps residents with

their prescriptions and medicines. Nursing homes are usually located near

hospitals to ensure quick treatment. And in case of an emergency, trained

professionals are on site.

What a multipurpose establishment! Security, entertainment, and health

care. These days, there is no better place for our elderly. It is obviously

the best choice for those senior citizens who desire a low-stress, yet highly

entertaining atmosphere. Honestly, after fifty-plus years working at a full-

-time job, do you really think you’ll want to get out the mower?

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