The Need For Reason


The Need For Reason Essay, Research Paper

There just doesn’t seem to be a healthy middle ground any more, on any topic. Take the death penalty for example Believe it or not, I don’t always favor lethal injection. Sometimes I think we should use the electric chair. Juice em up a bit! Other times the gas chamber or the firing squad for kicks every now and then. In my opinion we should rotate all four like a good set of tires. Or we could treat psychos with a certain respect, and make them geldings (by psychos I mean rapists, child molesters, etc.), I would be willing to put money on it that we would have much less.

And what about the Clinton impeachment trial, huh? Where are we supposed to sit on that mess? What about the pervasive lack of reason across the entire political spectrum? If Ken Starr had been reasonable, he would’ve closed up shop when he couldn’t nail Clinton on Whitewater. If Clinton were reasonable, he wouldn’t keep whipping it out like it was the only lighter in a crackhouse. If the Republicans were reasonable, they wouldn’t have been so bloodthirsty about finally catching him with his pants down. And finally if the Democrats were reasonable, he would have been shunned like an Amish guy with a naked lady tattoo and extreme piercings’. Lastly, and most importantly, if Hillary were reasonable, she would’ve long ago said, “My lawyers will be in touch, Captain Hard-On.”

Wow don’t even get me started on James Carville, this guy looks like a Muppet that was accidentally washed in “hot.” I would be much more receptive to Carville if I ever got the sense that he possesses anything even remotely resembling the ability to reason. But there is never any real discussion about anything–it’s all just yanking the pull-starter on top of that ugly garlic knot of a head and watching him turn into a satanic Chihuahua spitting Taco Bell adds. I read one of his books once. Wow, its like reading a tree, no matter how hard you try, you really get nowhere in it.

Reason is essential to life, I mean you need to use your bloody head for once. It truly helps. Reasoning, what a marvel idea. If you punch someone in the face, and they hit you back, don t ask, What the hell was that for? The way I see it all of life revolves around one key thing, intelligence. If you have a disturbing lack there of, you will, without a doubt, have little reason all will be merry and gay, with the wind in the weeds. I mean it is moments of fun to play with shiny objects, but it requires no reason.

If you have at least some level of sophistication reason is important. We need to realize as it happens here, there is no use for reason in our society, it is being beaten brutally and thrown out gradually. I mean I recently had an experience with someone who was playing head games with a friend of mine. I asked them why, and they said, It was a head game. COME ON USE YOUR BRAIN! Its inside that lump about 2-3 ft above your @$$! All they did was tell you what you knew, therefore, there was no REAL logic or reason, just stupidity.

I mean, any reason is better than nothing. Though this is a type of response, I dunno doesn t count either. Receiving that response accomplishes nothing. You could have talked to a wall, and got a better response.

Why d you hit me?

I dunno Well damn it, there has to have been a reason that you did it? If it was just for kicks, that s fine, but these random acts of stupidity which we somehow manage to pull over and over again. Reason is a definite part of life, and you need to use you head to master how to use it.

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