The Monkeys Paw


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The Monkeys paw is a a very ironic tale of a family that is enabled to make 3 wishes. They are warned of the major bad outcomes of this paw by the man who gives it to them.. The sergent Major morris includes alot of foreshadowing before he gives them the paw. He tells them it has done no good and not to use it. He says he was goin to sell it, but he feels it has already done enough harm to anyone it comes into contact with. He also says the lasy person who had it used his 3rd wish for death. After sayin this he tosses the paw into the burnin fire and advises the white family to leave it there. The whites figure, well what harm coulda few wishes do and mr white then goes and rescuse the paw. His 1st wish is for 2 hundred pounds to pay off thier small house. At first the dont see anything and their son says, I knew it wouldn’t be there, and the he mentions about how death would come before the money. ANother example of foreshadowing. SO the next day while the boy is at work his quote comes true he is caught in machinery and dies. The irony of that is the Whites get the money as compinsation for the boys death from the company at which he worked. The next wish is made by the mother she wishes that her son would come back to life. the next night they hear a rappin on the door. Shocked scared and suprised the father doesn’t know what to think so he wishes for it not to be his son. The final wish made by Mr white is very subjective. It all depends on the way you interpertthe authors point of view. I took it as he didn’t want it to be his soon because he knew that with every wish cam something bad and he didn’t want anymore harm to come to him or his wife whom he loved very much.

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