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bomb! Your computer has just been shut down! ?Damn it, this always happens!? Said hendrick. ?Hendrick!! Come here!? Said his mother. ?Mom whenever I check my mail the computer shuts off.? Said Hendrick. ?Well honey, there is nothing I can do.? After dinner hendrick went back up to his room. He glanced at the computer and saw that a screen name named ?jason252,? had said hi to him. Hendrick replied back, ?who is this?? The man had said that he lives right near hendrick. Hendrick was not very smart so he told the man to meet him at publix. So hendrick said to his mother,? mom I need to buy some food at publix can you drop me off?? ?Sure,? said his mother.

Hendrick went into publix and remembered that he told the man that he would meet him at the candy section. So hendrick went there and waited for the man to come. After a while the man had walked up to hendrick and said, ?are you hendrick?? Hendrick replied, ?yes I am hendrick.? All of a sudden the man grabbed hendrick and brought him to his car and left.

After an hour Hendricks mother came to publix and couldn’t find hendrick anywhere. She was so worried, that she called the cops. Some people in publix saw the man take hendrick. The people told the police the description of the car. The police went to search for hendrick.

The next day hendrick was on the news. Hendrick was at the mans house and saw his face. He screamed out, ?mommy!!!!? The man slapped hendrick and cursed him out. At 12:00 that night the police found hendrick and his mom was so happy that the police found him.

When hendrick got back home he ran to his room and threw his computer to the ground. It broke and he smiled. His mother came in and kissed him. She said, ?aol is very dangerous and I never want you talking to people you don’t know.? Hendrick replied, ? mom, I am very sorry and this will never happen again.?

The end!!

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