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The story of the Last Royal Family and The Russian Revolution is a fascinating one. The last czar Nicholas II, a.k.a. Bloody Nicholas, was a guy who was a nice man to everyone. He married the daughter of Grand Duke Ludwig of Hessen, Alice Victoria Eleanor Louisa Beatrice (Alexandra). They were the people in charge at the time and were the last royal family members. Nick and Alexandra love each other until death and their kids too. They had four girls and one boy. The girl s names were Olga, Tatiana, Marie, and Anastasia. The boy s name was Alexis. Alexis was the youngest of them all and Nicholas and Alexandra wanted to have a boy, it was a happy moment, but he had hemophilia. Nick and Alexandra did not tell anyone about this, but that was not smart. Nick was a horrible leader; he did not want to be a czar too. However, he still was. Nick enjoys going to parties and having fun with his family. Alexandra and Nick were faithful to each other for the rest of their lives. Everyone loved nick and his wife until Bloody Sunday. Peaceful Protesters of the war were shot by palace guards. Nicholas was blamed for Bloody Sunday.

One day Alexis was outside on a boat and he got in a little boat accident. He had a big bruise on his leg and was in a lot of pain because he had hemophilia. He was in so much pain, his family thought he was going to die, and he was in this pain for about two weeks. Until this guy by the name of Grigori Rasputin came and visited Alexis and the next day he was healed.

Grigori Rasputin was a semiliterate peasant and debauchee who preached and practiced a doctrine of salvation that mixed religious fervor with sexual indulgence. He was an ugly man; he had a long beard, greasy hair, and never bathed. No one in Russia likes Rasputin because he was always drunk, always with women, etc. People thought it was weird that he was with the Royal family and no one knew that Alexis had this disease. Because of his personal magnetism, who suffered from hemophilia Rasputin gained a powerful hold over Czarina Alexandra and, through her, over the czar. Every time he was around Alexis, Alexis would feel better the next day like nothing even happen. Starting in 1911, Rasputin’s appointees began to fill high positions. Rasputin never had clear political program, but unscrupulous and reactionary officials, financiers, and ecclesiastics profited through his influence. During World War I, when the czar went (1915) to the front, Rasputin’s influence predominated. Rasputin’s disgraceful behavior, the czarina’s attempts to shield him and a series of scandals involving his appointees helped to undermine the imperial government. It was suspected at the time that Rasputin and the czarina were working for a separate peace with Germany.

In Dec. 1916, a group of right-wing patriots, including Prince Felix Yussupov and the czar’s cousin, Grand Duke Dmitri, conspired to assassinate Rasputin. A generous dose of poison failed to produce any visible effect, and the terrified conspirators riddled him with three shots, one in the chest (and got up after that), and two in the back. In addition, threw his body into the Neva River. He did not die from the three shots or the poison; he died in the river because he did not know how to swim. This might not be true but the next day the cops came and said that because his lungs were filled with water.

Rasputin should not been killed, nor should Nicholas and his family. It was not fair for them but life is not fair. This is both a romance and a murder mystery. It is a romantic story because Nick, his wife, and their kids love each other to death. It is a murder mystery because no one found Anastasia and Alexia s bones; they found everyone else of the royal family. Its also a murder mystery because did Rasputin die from drowning? Was he really a holy man? Who was Rasputin?

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