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On 1908 in Peking The emperor I-Sin-Ger-Oh-Who-Eee, son of prince Dredd, at the age of two, was crowned because emperorist Dowager was dieing. He was chosen because Dowager was his grandmother. The only thing that was bad was that they took him from his mother and gave him this lady that they called his Wet nurse , which mainly breast fed him and took care of him. Also he was not allowed to leave the empire.

In the beginning after he was crowned emperor everybody waited on him hand and foot. At the age of about twelve he started to dislike not being able to have any freedom such as not being able to leave the forbidden city when his biological mother had died and when there was a war going on in his country and he couldn t even see beyond the walls of the forbidden city. Also at the age of twelve it was accustom for him to get married, so he married two seventeen year old girls, one as a wife and one as a secondary console.

One time he was so mad that he wasn t aloud to leave the forbidden city to go see his mother that had just die of swallowing a opium ball, he took his mouse and through it against a wall.

Towards the end he gets arrested and brought to jail for crimes he didn t commit such as trying to reform the empire. In jail the guards found that he was getting special treatment like getting his shoes tied so they moved him into confinement. He disliked jail so much that he tried to commit suicide, He did it by slighting his wrists and sticking them in hot water but a guard that use to be in the forbidden city found him and woke him up.

At the end he became emperor again because the people of the Manchuria would not listen to the government so they used him as a dummy so the people would obey them.

I liked this movie but I also disliked this movie, it was OK because of the background and it seamed very real, but I didn t like this movie because it was hard to understand.

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