The Knight


The Knight’s Tale Essay, Research Paper

The Knight’s Tale

The Knight’s Tales

Theseus meets the widow of the Theban war who remained him of Fortune’s false

wheel and thus fill him with pity . Theseus is then at the summit of Fortune’s wheel .

The knights , Palamon and Arcite was taken prisoners . While in prison they see Emily

in the garden next to the prison tower . They quarrel over the right to love her . So the

king let Arcite out of jail and sail if he was ever caught in his land that he would cut his

head off . Then Palamon escapes from prison and hides in the grove . Palamon sees

Arcite , and hear Arcite canfess to his real identity . Theseus ordains a trial by combat ,

to be held with fifty weeks , to resolve the conflict between Palamon and Arcite . He

choose to make the battlefield the same place where he found Palmon and Arcite fighting

in the grove . Arcite was granted to marry Emily . But Arcite house and started bucking

and kicking and Arcite fell off the house and broke his neck . While he was dying he

ask Palamon to marry Emily ..

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