The Hubble Space Telescope


The Hubble Space Telescope Essay, Research Paper

The Hubble Telescope

The new technology is “The Hubble Space Telescope”. It is a reflecting telescope, that makes distant objects bigger. It helps us to take pictures of our universe, and makes them ten times clearer than any other telescope. The Hubble Space Telescope is the biggest, most complicated, and powerful telescope that was ever sent into space. It’s orbiting the earth at about 380 miles (610 Kilometers) above the earth’s surface, and it’s atmosphere. It could help us find more evidence about black holes , and quasars .

The Hubble Space Telescope is used to study the planets, stars, and our universe. It studies ultraviolet radiation, which is blocked by the atmosphere. Without his telescope we would not know anything about our universe.

The Hubble Space Telescope is better and different than all other telescopes because the Hubble can take pictures of very dim objects with it’s Faint Object Camera and can find the exact positions of stars with the Find Guidance Sensors. The most important part though is the lenses and mirrors that are used to make images of the objects.

It has a very large impact on our society’s economy because it costs a lot of money to run and most of it comes out of our taxes. Also if it breaks or needs replacement parts it will cost a lot of money. It will also create new jobs including maintenance, repairs, and studies.

It will have a very good social effect on our economy. It will enhance our knowledge and understanding of the universe. It will help us understand stars and planets. It may even find galaxies we never knew existed until the telescope.

The positive impact the Hubble Space Telescope has on humanity is that we can now take pictures in space without having them come out blurry like they were in the past. It also helps us take more focused and informative pictures of our universe. Astronomers expect that the Hubble Space Telescope will help us find out the size and age of the universe. The Hubble helped us find out a lot about black holes, stars and the planets.

The Hubble Space Telescope can also negatively affect humanity because if it breaks down or needs repair, it could take a long time to fix. Which can be very costly. There is also the possibility of the telescope being damaged by space debris.

There is no way possible to purchase this equipment since it costs millions. The government has invested in the new technology. NASA () is currently running the control and maintenance of The Hubble Telescope.

There are no technologies at this time that will affect this one. But one day they might invent a telescope that will further educate our society about our universe.


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