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The Great Gatsby

Capturing the American Dream is central topic for many novels. Like other stories, ‘The Great Gatsby’ is also about American Dream with a slightly different meaning. For common people it means wealth or fame, but it has different meaning for Jay Gatsby; he is the main character of the story. For him it is about love.

Gatsby tries everything to reach a married woman name Daisy and he dies during this process. Daisy was his old love. Gatsby knows that he cannot marry her because of their different social status. He gains wealth to get closer to Daisy. In fact, he buys a house that is right across her residence. ‘Gatsby bought that Daisy would be just across the bay(p.83).’ Moreover he starts fancy and expensive parties to see Daisy. Unlike any other hosts, Gatsby never attends to his parties. He waits patiently for Daisy to come, but she never comes. He asks people around to see if anyone knows her. Later on he meets Nick Carraway; the narrator of the story and the cousin of Daisy. Daisy and Gatsby reunite through Nick. Gatsby shows Daisy that he now has more wealth than he used to. Jay is a little disappointed because she is not as terrific as he remembered.

Gatysby is still convinced that Daisy loves him. He even takes the blame for Myrtle’s death; Daisy was the one driving. On page 151 Nick asks Jay about the accidents. “Was Daisy Driving?” “Yes,” he said after a moment, “but of course I’ll say I was.”

Jay still believes that he can make through this with the money. Nick tries to tell Gatsby to give it up, but Jay denies it. Gatsby still thinks that Daisy is the only thing that can fill up his American dream.

Jay never stops until he reaches his goal. Gatsby ends up being killed because of his desire to be with Daisy. Wilson, a husband of Myrtle kills Jay for her death because it was his car that kills Myrtle. Gatsby has a great desire for Daisy. Therefore, he is a good example of a person who has the American Dream in one’s mind.

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