The Freedom Of Choice


The Freedom Of Choice Essay, Research Paper

The Freedom of Choice

The right of a woman to have an abortion has been given by the courts by supporting the constitution. Yet people still slander people who are going into the clinics. They use deception as well as confusing language to appeal to peoples emotion, which is a fallacy in arguments. The protesters think they have the right to force upon values to other people although the constitutions states that everyone is free. All women should have the right to chose to get an abortion because it is her baby not the publics.

The forth amendment of the constitution is about the right to privacy, which protects the woman’s right to chose. In the supreme court case Roe v. Wade in 1973 the judges ruled that abortion was legal. This shows that people should not harass the doctors and the patients because it is acceptable by law. Also the forth amendment also supports the women because she has the right to keep her choice confidential. No other person – not even her husband – has the right to dictate what she may do with her own body .(Ayar Rand) No one should be forced to keep her baby if she doesn’t want to. There are also many legitimate reasons whey a women might have an abortion such as if a person is raped and if she cannot take care of it well because of financial difficulties, and if she cannot choose it would be taking away her rights. Abortions are private affairs and while the decision is painful and full of consequences it is usually ignored by the anti abortionists.

The safety of abortions have increased drastically since 1973. about 89 percent of the women who obtain abortions are less than 13 weeks pregnant . Since most abortions are done early it minimizes the number of complications and the risk of death. Also the fact shows that most women do not go through the controversial partial birth or second trimester abortions. The two main ways of abortions are medically and surgically. The medical abortion is when a woman takes medicine such as methotrexate between the first day to the seventh week of pregnancy. The surgical method is when the doctor goes through the cervix and the embryo is removed physically. Abortions are performed safely because they are now usually done between the sixth day and the thirteenth week.

There are many forms of anti abortion propaganda. Anti abortion activists claim that having an abortion increases the risk of developing breast cancer. But they are wrong because the study they use as proof was not thorough enough because it only studied 1,706 women. But a study in europe that was 30 years long and surveyed almost 50,000 women found that it only raised the chance by a minor .6 percent for every 1000 people.

Also they use terms such as a right to life and a women’s right to choose . These terms are misleading because a right to life suggests that a embryo is a person when it is only a two in mass of cells that is part of the women, with only the potential of becoming a person. Also the phrase a woman’s right to choose suggests that she is choosing murder or death compared to life and if this was true she would be convicted but since a fetus is not a person but only a lump of cells it cannot be considered murder and the courts support this. The anti abortionist use many forms of argumentative fallacies to appeal to emotions and mislead rather than support their case with good evidence.

We should agree with the supreme courts, the forth amendment, and let the women choose whether they want to have an abortion. We must understand that a embryo less than three months is just a mass of cells and should not confuse with potential with reality. We are given the right to pursue life, liberty, and property. And by infringing on these by trying to have all people adhere to a certain view is wrong. People have to understand that abortion is not killing but removing cells that are part of the women.

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