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The article “The New Flirting Game,” by Deborah Lott seems to be written in the context of this day and age, however many of the gestures deemed to be inviting, so to speak, were more commonly frowned upon in the early 1900’s. Lott describes women making direct eye contact with a man and quickly looking away as a flirtatious and inviting gesture. In the early 1900’s women were not treated as equals and often were not permitted to look directly into the eyes of a superior, who at that time would have been a man. Women would cock their head to expose their neck, as a way of luring a man over. In those days women were not permitted to show their necks. Most dresses would not allow for any neck or leg exposure. This would make it extremely difficult to hike up one’s skirt as Lott so elegantly put it. Most women were also made to wear gloves. In this sense, Lott does a great job of showing how the game of flirting has evolved and come of age. Of course some change is to be expected over 100 years, but this progression has gone from one end of the spectrum to the other. Initially men would dictate the pace of the relationship, although it was much less romantic it was effective all the same. Now it is the women who are in control of the courtship. The men actually do the courting but not without encouragement from the maidens fair. So the ball is in your court ladies, time will only tell how the game will change.

Lott, D.A. (1999 January/Febuary). The New Flirting Game. Psychology Today, 42-45.

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