The Five Social Institutions


The Five Social Institutions Essay, Research Paper

Five Major Social Institu

How has my personality been shaped by the five major instutions?

Firstly, my family is one of the most influential parts of my life. My

family has taught me all the values that I think that I would need in

life. I was not raised in an abusive family, which shapes my

personality by making me less aggressive towards my peers, and teaching

me that you can^t get your way through force, but by patience. I think

that my family has positively affected my life through treating me like

I^m a person, something that gets hurt easily.

Does education really affect the way I am? Maybe not directly, but

indirectly. Education is a means of teaching some values, but

that^s not education^s main purpose. Education teaches us about a great

many things. In kindergarten, you learn the alphabet and to count to

ten, in elementary school, you learn penmanship, and the four basic

ways to get seventy through a chain of addition, grammar, and we start

to want to do our own thing instead of everything that our parents

want^s us to do.

So, does education really affect our personality? No, it does not

affect us. But, our friends at school do. Our friends will be either

our good friend, or our worst enemy by the time we^re in high school.

Friends shape the most of our personality out of the family. Another

way that our friends have shaped the way that we are, is the way they

treat us. For example, your friends call you names, talk trash behind

your back, and generally talk trash around you now do you think that

you would have good self-esteem? I do not think that would be possible,

even if your parent are always calling you nice things, spoiling you

rotten, you would still have bad self-esteem.

The economy is a very essential part of our daily life, it shapes

what shape our town or city will be in. If the economy is poor, do

you think that it will draw a huge tourist crowd if the whole town or

city was a ghetto? I personally do not think so. I think that it would

turn out to be a heavily gang populated city, with many drug deals and

prostitution going on. Luckily I was not raised in the ghetto, not to

say that I am a particularly rich person, my family is just a little

off to the good to do side, but not really. The economy has shaped the

way that I am by where I was raised, I was for the majority of my young

life, raised in a major suburban neighborhood. Where the biggest thing

that happened around there was that my cat got ran over. I then moved

to a nice neighborhood with many kids. Where I made many friends and my

personality was then shaped.

Where does the government fit into my personality? The government

shapes the way I think about other people. If I was raised in a

monarch country, and I was royalty, I would think of peasants as dirty,

filthy people that are not worth my spit. If I was born in a communist

country, I would think that that every body deserves an equal amount of

every thing. But, I am in a democratic country, where everyone thinks

that the whole world orbits around them-self, and most other country^s

either hate or love. But, I also live in the freest country, where I am

free to make my own decisions. So, that affects the way I make my

choices, I think, ok, if I do this, and this, then I will get this, I

don^t think, ok, I can only do this, or this, so that this will happen.

It changes things quite a bit. I would say that this has positively

affected my life.

Religion, I think, has affected my life the most. Christianity has

taught me so many great things, that I can hardly comprehend it. I

think that Christianity is one of the best decisions that I could have

possibly made. Without Christ in my life, I would be a miserable little

druggie, who is a complete careless failure who does not even know what

year it is. But thanks to Gods loving kindness, I am not, I may not

always be happy, but who is? I think that Christianity has definitely

been a positive part of my life.

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