The First And Only Time


The First And Only Time Essay, Research Paper

The first and only time

For the Past few years I had been trying my ways on a skateboard. Now I know

everyone knows what a skateboard is so I won’t go into detail about it. And the whole

time I had been practicing on one there was a move that I wanted to do so badly it killed

me even to watch. To me personally if I was able to do that move then I myself could die

happy. I had watched it many times and read up on it to make sure that when I did try

this amazeing feat that it would be perfect. My amazeing feat was to grind a rail.

Now to the people who don’t watch skateboading or who really don’t care, to

grind a rail is to jump on to a rail and slide down it to the bottom. But in order for you to

jump onto the rail you had to be able to ollie. Now a ollie is when you jump and the

board stays under your feet likes its glued to your shoes. Now the ollie itself is a hard

trick to learn and it took me many months to actually do it right. But that one fateful day

I finally learned to ollie would be the first and last time I ever try what I did. For it put

me in such horrible pain for months and even now it hurts just to think of it.

It was a nice sunny day a Clintwood Elementry School. The air was nice and

smelled of the sweet aroma of cigarettes, sweat, and marijuana. And I was in a mad

frenzy. Ealier that day I had finally perfected my ollie and I was unstopable. At that

time in my young inmature mind I was god and no-one could touch me. Everything that

could be ollied I tried and made it with ease. Nothing could stop me in my glory. I was

so big headed that a pin could pop me. Then it hit me, grind the bus rail.

Now the bus rail was a rail about four feet tall and about twenty feet long. It

sloped down to the bus pick up station for the little kiddies, hence the name. I still kick

myself for even thinking of that rail that day

Being stoned and full of aderaline I ran back about thirty feet and droped the

board. This was going to be my crowning acheivement. Steping on the board I rocketed

off giveing it all I had.

When I approached the rail I was going about mock two and ollied on the rail and

thats when it all went to hell. One thing I hadn’t thought about, even thought I should

have was that when your going fast and jump on something that is slick with something

that is also slick that you increase in speed. When I hit that ramp I felt like Han Solo

hitting the Millium Falcon into hyper drive. I was going so fast that I didn’t know what I

was doing. But one thing that did accured to me at this time was something that I should

of remembered before I even jumped, was that the rail was broken. It happened when a

UPS truck dumping off some school supplies hit the rail leaveing the school, leaveing a

fairly large crack at the end of the rail. I hoped to dear god that the board with it’s great

speed that it would slide over the crack and kept going. It didn’t.

That crack hit that board and stoped it dead on the spot,me on the other hand kept

on going. As my feet left the board it all happened in slow motion. I watch as the rail

came up between my legs and said hello to the family jewels. It wasn’t a nice greeting.

And you would think that would be all, no.

Going about warp speed 9, I slided down the rail with me stradleing it for about a

foot and then, smack. My face hit the ground so hard that it broke me cheek bone,

blacken my eye, put my arm out of socket and poped out two of my teeth. Not to metion

scraping up my skin. And than after it was all over, there I was in enormous pain. And

as I rolled over to see my friends running to me thinking that I was dead. Well everyone

except Todd. He was laughing his head off, i did the only thing a real man would do in

that pain. I cried a like a baby.

And after a huge hospital bill, not being able to have childern and the occastional

spark of pain from my shoulder, everything is fine. And I have learned to think before I

act or pay the price of my stupidity.


the concrete wave by michel brooks

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