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The Fall Of Satan Essay, Research Paper

The Arch-Fiend

The Arch-Fiend, in The fall of Satan by John Milton, is a minded firm person who gets his word across to others. His stubborn attitude and arrogance shows that he is the strongest and smartest. The pride that made him believe he equaled the Most High, meaning he felt equal to God. The story, describes Satan s appearance, his action, his words, and his effect on others.

In the story Milton describes Satan in many different manner. He first talks about him as a form of a snake, tempting our grand parents to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Milton also shows Satan s appearance as a beast. Pretty much you can see how his appearance and personality are quite related. Milton gives us a vivid description of Satan. That he has eyes that sparking blaze, monstrous size. This describes to us how Satan looks now, but before Satan was an Angel. He is not the same being that he was before.

Satan s actions also are shown on Milton s writings. It starts out as early as the beginning of the earth. When Satan attracted Adam

and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. In his speech to Beelzebub he said that good will never be their task, but ever to do ill our sole delight and out of good still find means of evil. This shows us that Satan tempts us to do evil actions and like it, and how most of us get pleasure or amusement out of it. Milton also writes that Satan with the force of subterranean wind transport a dill torn from Pelorus, or the shattered side of thundering Etna, whose combustible aid the winds, and leave a singed bottom all involved with stench and smoke. Satan s actions are executed for one main purpose, and that is the rebellion he took on God. That came from his jealously and envy of mankind. Untill Satan wins his battle he will not stop making mankind attracted to evil.

Satan also led people to do evil through his words. He talked to Eve to eat the apple. He replied Beelzebub and said, out of out evil seek to bring forth good, our labor must be pervert that end, and out of good still to find means of evil. Satan telld mankind to do evil things just like God who tells us not to. Some choose to do bad and some good.

Satan s effect on others is shown through people s action, that is if they choose to do evil. The consequences of we choose to do evil, we will go down to hell, too. In the beginning of the story Milton writes

about how our grand parents ate the forbidden fruit. The action that our grand parents took gave us all this evil and the world we live in today. Satan s persuasion on them has effected mankind greatly, this has cast out mankind from the Garden of Eden. Every evil that we have chosen to do had already and will effect us greatly; getting into Heaven was made harder.

Milton s description of Satan is essentially everything that is evil, bad, and horrible. They reflect his personality, physical characteristics, and his feelings towards others. From Milton s we have a better knowledge of Satan s appearance, his action, his words, and effects to others.

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