The Evolution Of Sex


The Evolution Of Sex Essay, Research Paper

The Evolution Of Sex

In my pursuit to better understand how sexual intercourse has evolved and to what

degree it will continue to evolve, I encountered question after question. It seemed that

every time I came upon an answer I was quickly bogged down with another question of a

different nature. This made it difficult to set a course or pick an exact topic- so I skipped

from idea to idea and don?t have a paper that will quickly be accepted by scientist or

professors around the world. Never the less, I feel that I?ve done quite a bit of

researching and have come to some solid conclusion that can open up some doors or at

the very least get people to look at sex from some new angles.

The first and perhaps most complicated question is ?why do humans need two

partners to have sex?? This question instantly makes one realize that there are organisms

that reproduce asexually, or without a second partner. The scientific and genetic answer

to this question goes as follows. The initial change from asexual reproduction to modern

day conception between humans involved binary cell fusion- the advantage is hybrid

vigor; masking deleterious mutations. Second, the use of one spindle apparatus allowed

the maintaining of both sets of chromosomes and hence any hybrid vigor effects. Next

the homologous pairing and chiasma- the advantages of this are not entirely clear. Lastly

the Reduction division and syngamy favored the restoration of heterozygosity. Naturally

I can?t even begin to translate what I?ve just typed there. I get very little from the

scientific aspect of this process although I feel its important to include it seeing as there

are some who find this sort of thing trivial. I prefer to key in on the idea that humans

have two partners at present due to the idea of selection. Humans have, through time

evolved the instinct to select a mate and this idea of selection has helped to foster the

evolution of ordinary intercourse.

The next question that I was faced with was ?why is sex fun?? This question

proved to be the more interesting of the two. A question like this can be answered in

several ways:

1. Religiously

2. Culturally

3. Evolutionary.

These are the three methods that I have choose to use in order to decipher this question.

Christianity is a popular form of religion in this area so I have decided to call

upon some of those beliefs to help me with the question. In Christian religion there is an

all powerful

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