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This House affirms that the British Empire was a great success whose effects are still beneficial to the world. The world distribution of English users is divided into three categories : English as a native language; for example, UK, USA, Australia, English as a second language; for example, India, Singapore, Ghana, Philippines, and English as a foreign language; for example, France, Japan, Thailand.There are 72 countries with Englishs as an official language and 9 countries with English as a first language:Australia, Great- Britain, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourgh, Netherlands, New Zealand, and the USA. This demonstrates the overwelming usage of the English language all over the

world. There is also the dominance of English in the internet. Computers are in any case English-oriented. Netscape and Java are in English, the vocabulary of computing and of the internet is overwelmingly English, and most of the texts that are accessed through it are in English. The reason for the dominance of English are firstly historical; the internet began in the USA, which is still the leading user of it, and the USA is an English-using nation. Furthermore, there is the dominance of English in diplomacy and international communications, in the media(Hollywood, popular music, books),and in education. These are just some examples that demonstrate the power of the English language and influence the British Empire had on the world.

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