The Elizabethan Theater


The Elizabethan Theater Essay, Research Paper

The Elizabethan Theater

The Elizabethan theater also known as Elizabethan Playhouses where the first known theaters built only for the pupose of peforming plays. They were built in honor of Queen Elizabeth. Many of these theaters wre built in many different locations. They were created to entertain everyone from the poorest beggar to the richest lords. Many plays were performed, using all types of dramatic scripts from romance to violence. Many plays were cencored by the government and punishments were given our for people violating the censorship laws.

The Elizabethan theaters were built in honor of Queen Elizabeth Todur. She was the youngest daughter of king Henery VII. She was crowned queen of England in January 15, 1558 when she was only 25 years od, and ruled for 45 years. She was the inspiration and motivating force behind these great theaters.

There were many different styles of theaters in a variety of locations. The first one built, named The Theatre, was constructed by James Burbage (an actor), in 1576 in Shoreditch. The next one built called The Curtian was built nearby in 1577. Soon after this others were built in southern suburbs across the Thames. In 1600 there was eight of Elizabethan Theaters operating in London.

The theaters were not built for rayalty use only, they were built for people of all economic background. From the poorest dirtiest beggar, to the richest most honored king. They were a place for everyone to go and enjoy themselves, regardless of were they stood in the community.

There were some playhouses constructed for fewer, more select spectators, It was in these playhouses were it was not open to the general punlec, but only to the privileged few which were permitted to enter. In these playhouses some of the performances were even conducted under a delicate candle light.

these plays that were written and percormed in the Elizabethan theaters/playhouses had many styles in the dramatic plots. The most popular ones were- romance, violence, satire, amd peotic. All of the plays were very passionate and reflected the actors spirits. Often the plays included fairies, ghosts, and witches.

The plays could not be written about anything that the writter wanted. The writer always had to consider the censorship laws. There was to be no plays written that pocked fun at church or religion, government, or the royal family. If you did you had to face harsh penalties such as fines, imprisonment, or execution.

The Elizabethan theaters were built for the soul purpose of entertaining the people. They were a great industry to make mone and a great way for actors and writers to be discoverd. These theaters are partially responsible for the great entertainment we have today, and will be admired as a great part of history forever.

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