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?Unconfirmed reports from Rikkers Islands says that one of their inmates has

escaped, and may be in the vacinity,? the DJ on Amy Batts?s car radio reported. ?Great.

Another thing to worry about,? Amy thought as she pulled her car into the parking garage.

?It is rumored that the prisoner that alledgedly escaped as a distingising tatoo on his right

hand. Its suppossedly of a snake wrapped around a young girl,? the DJ was saying as Amy

parked her car.

It was almost 8:30 on Tuesday night at Smith & Johnson?s Law Firm. At the

tender age of 25 Amy landed an intership at the New York law firm. It was great! She

got the chance to aid attorney in cases (mainly by doing reshearch, but hey it will look

great on a resuma).

Other than her footsteps, which echoed through out the parking gargae, the place

was dead silent. If she hadn?t forgotten an importin law book she won?t even be there.

Amy felt her heart beating wildly as she neared the elevator.

?Get a grip Batts,? she said to herself. ?Its not like you?re the only person here.?

Which was true, a lot of lawarys burned the midnight oil at Smith & Johnson, working

hard to prove their case. Still, she hesated at the elevator.

Amy has always feared elevators. Who could blame her? Think about it for a

minute. You enter a steel cage. You are cut off from all help. You don?t know anyone

else in the elevator.

Still, she stood there, forced to decide between her faithful stairs, or the cold,

metal elevator. ?There?s nothing to be afraid of,? Amy told herself. ?It?s just an elevator.

There have been reports of muggings on stairs. The elevator is safer,? she rationalized as

she pushed the button to summen the steel box.

The doors swooshed open, and Amy had to step back from the glare of the lights.

Then, very timidly, she stepped inside the death trap, and watched as the doors clanged

together behinde her. Her work area was on the 25th floor. Takeing deep breaths Amy

stared back at herself relected in the mirror like doors. Her long blonde hair was slightly

messed up, and there were bags under her dark brown eyes. She was all alone.

?It?s not that bad,? Amy thought to herself as the elevator slowly asended. ?No

one else is in here. I?m safe.? She watched as she passed the first parking garge level,

then the second, and the third. Suddenly the elevator stopped. Amy?s heart was racing as

the doors opened to reveal a big, musculare man blocking the exit. He stepped inside the

elevator, and pushed the botton for the 16th floor. The doors closed behind him. They

were locked together in a steel cage.

Amy stared at him out of the conner of her eyes. ?Get a grip,? she told herself.

?See the white paper bags, he?s just a delivery man,? her mind said. That didn?t help her

though. He was wearing tight jeans, a harley davidson shirt, a ripped jean jacket, and a

blue banndana wrapped around his over gleed, black curly hair. Tatoos covered his body.

Amy took in all of this.

?See anything you like?? he barked at her. This snapped Amy out of her trance.

?Sorry, I didn?t mean to stare,? she said looking away. They had just passed the

2nd floor.

?Well, you were,? he said. ?What was so interesting that you couldn?t take your

eyes off of it?? he asked moveing closer.

?It was umm…your tatoos,? Amy said quickly as she backed away.

?Yeah, I bet,? he said obviously losing interest in her.

?Tatoos, tatoos, what?s so importin about tatoos again,? Amy thought to herself

still unable to take her eyes off of him. ?His right hand…the news repote!? Amy realized as

her mind flashed back to the DJ?s warning of a possiable escape convict.


none, this is a fiction creative writing story

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