The Eight Moral Philosophies


The Eight Moral Philosophies Essay, Research Paper

My Moral Philosophies

As I answered the eight questions about my own moral philosophies I realized that before this I had no idea. It had never even crossed my mind. I would just go about my day-to-day life, make my decisions and move right a long with no regard to where they were coming from. This paper alone has changed the way I analyze my actions not to mention my understanding of them.

Coming from a split family I was bombarded with contradictory views and morals. My father, a wealthy businessman remarried with a new kid, has always preached duty and reason. He makes choices depending on how he would want others to make them. He always thinks about his actions thoroughly before deciding what to do. Weighing out all possible consequences. He taught me to be honest and to fallow the rules knowing that I would not want to be lied to or cheated. His logic and reason amazes me. When we argue he always challenges my side in a way that makes me look wrong no matter what the topic is to be sure I see where he is coming from (which makes it very hard to argue with him). If there were an opposite of him it would be my mother. She practices more egoism and situationism. I am much like her, or have been in the past, in the way that I want what is good for me in the moment. She is very impulsive and usually expects to get something, whether it is a pat on the back or a sack of money. At the same time though she would do anything for my brother and I. She has in the past given us the last penny in her wallet even though it means she will not be able to do something for herself. There is not a doubt in my mind that my mom will be there for me anytime I need her. Both my parents have influenced me along with a mix of so many others.

I have a friend back home who is a very disciplined vegan and also a mild animal rights activist. Every time he does something he thinks about what the effect will be on nature. I have never seen him touch meat, or litter, or drive a car, or wear leather, or even think about keeping a pet. Nature and its natural state are that important to him and it impresses me so much. I lack that conviction in my life for something and just seeing him appreciate something so simple yet so large inspires me to find my own thing. I also had a teacher in high school who was that confident about her beliefs and lucky or me it was her belief in teaching. She worked at a school that didn’t pay her very well and didn’t appreciate her at all because she loved to teach and supported the environment of an all girls school. She gave everything she had for her students while sacrificing her own money, time and life.

Writing about both of these people and their lives has made me consider my own belief system, or at least where I am coming from but I have yet to do anything about it. To tell you the truth I have been very na?ve on the subject of moral philosophies until now so I would have to say that they have not changed ever. I do, however, want to change them. I want to learn and grow and find something like teaching that means so much to me that I would forfeit my own personal gain for it.

When I was younger I was asked to choose between my parents. At the time my mom was in a very depressed place so I decided to go and take care of her. She needed me for moral support and even though I should have stayed with my dad I knew without me she would not make it. I know now that I gave up so much of my child hood to be my mother’s mother but I love her so much that I would do it again in a second. It is still one of the most unselfish things I have ever done. It was one time that I had to make a choice to be selfish and think only about my individual reward or help someone I love.

Just recently I was faced with a very horrific event. I found out I was pregnant and did not have much time to think about what I would do. I have always been pro choice because I feel it is the mother’s choice and only she knows what would be best for her and if she is willing to live with her actions then no one has the right to tell her differently. But when the tables were turned and I was in the hot seat there was so much more to think about. I had to consider how my family would react and I knew that they would all be embarrassed and disappointed not to mention hurt. I also had to think about my own life. I was on a track to a good place. There is so much in store for me in life with no room for a child. I knew myself too, I knew that I was too selfish and too young to even consider having a baby. So in the end I had an abortion and the effects on me have been huge.

I have to admit that I don’t know very much about capitol punishment so I draw my opinion from feeling with no help from hard evidence or information. I do not believe that it is right to kill anyone no matter what they have done. They should be punished with no possibility of parole but I don’t think there is any need to put someone to death. Gay rights are something I feel very strongly about. Not because I am gay but because I think it is so ridiculous that it is even an issue. They are people, just like African Americans are people, just like Jews are people and we have gotten past all those issues why are we still worrying about homosexuals. I think people are too insecure about themselves and they just need to get over it. People who want to legalize marijuana need to get over themselves too. It’s not going to happen and even I it did it will never hit the local Rite Aid. Marijuana used for medical purposes is difficult for me to understand. It seems to me that they could find the benefits from marijuana in other places. But again, this is something that I have not taken a lot of time to study and I come to my conclusion from personal belief.

I often wish that I had more of a basis (other then myself) for my moral philosophies. I know that I am ego based and I can live with that because at least now I know but as I read through the seven different kinds I noticed that it is the only without any strong ground. I hope to someday be more reasonable and practice utility because other people’s happiness is important to me.

I am totally outcome based. I use, in this order, egoism, situationism, utility. And never see myself using divine command, natural law, duty, or reason.

In writing this I realized that I am more like my mom but I really want to be more like my dad. As much as we clash I respect his morality and I can honestly say I hope I see things the way he does someday. It was also surprised to find out that I am entirely outcome based and that if and when I decide to become rule based I will have to sacrifice a lot of myself as I am right now. I have learned more about myself in writing this paper then I have in whole years of schooling. I may not be proud of what I find out but there are so many pieces coming together.

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