The Difference Between Men


The Difference Between Men & Women Essay, Research Paper

Having been a member of the female gender for almost twenty years, I?ve come to realize the differences between men and women are like night and day.

A man?s hands are wide, his torso narrow and shoulders broad. He is composed of elements that assist in the reproduction of mankind. He is adorned with more muscle mass therefore stronger by nature. A man is often stern in manner allowing him to seem more powerful. In society, this power and strength helps him to win the title ?breadwinner.?

A woman is decorated with slender hands, an hourglass-like shape, and natural essence of fragility. A woman?s body is formatted to bear children. Her hips are wide to support and evenly disperse the weight of an unborn child. She is host to the reproduction of mankind. A woman tends to be more emotional and is often seen as the weaker gender. Her original role in society is that of a ?homemaker.?

In conclusion, the powerful darkness of night evokes the dawn of a new day, bringing new life. Thus, my reason for believing night is to day what man is to woman.

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