The Dating Phenomenon


The Dating Phenomenon Essay, Research Paper

The question in most single people, ?Why do people date? Why does it occur? And why does it happen in the same certain ways? How does the dating phenomenon occur?? I guess Mother Nature had intended for us to find our soul mates so we would reproduce children. Who knows for sure? All we know is boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Boy and Girl like each other. Or Boy likes Girl. Girl does not like Boy. Boy chases Girl. Girl breaks Boy?s heart. Boy leaves in despair or vice versa. Well, as anyone can see dating has its ups and downs, but they?re all direct to one objective: the discovery of long lasting eternal love.

Eternal love is a grand thing no doubt, but finding it can have a painful sting. Its sting gives a frustrating process where individuals read books about dating and still not get it. Otherwise, we end up going to our friends in grief and despair. For girls, we either stuff our faces with a carton of rich deluxe chocolate chip or we watch a tape of French Kiss where we end up crying our eyes out over men. While men who can?t even understand anything what a woman needs, they find some other way to vent their frustration, such as running a mile or punching a punching bag. What causes this crazy frustration? The simply fact that men and women are almost like two different species who cannot understand each other. However, that?s not the only thing that causes the ?sting? in dating. It is also the ?Games of Love? being played between men and women. These ?games? give the most emotional hurtful sting that last quite a wound to the heart. One of the games is the ?Calling Game.? Women often ask, ?Should I call him? Should I not? If I don?t call him, I shall start the chase and he?ll be more interested in me. If I do, he thinks I?m so possessive girl trying to chase him. Oh, what move in the game should I play?? Another game is the ?Kissing Game.? The questions most commonly asked are: Should I make a move now? When should I move? When do I let him or her kiss me? Those are few examples of the ?Games of Love,? which should be really be called ?The Play of Emotions ? a play most likely to get burned in.?

So, what?s the point in getting us burned in this troublesome dating phenomenon? Well to start out, there aren?t all negative parts in dating, and people date to find love and their soul mate to share their lives with them on earth. The process can get very exciting and fun. For instance, the Girl gets ready to meet her date. She is in her new beautiful, red, flattering dress. The Boy is at the door with flowers. The Girl gets all nervous and excited while she quickly checks in the mirror, makes final touch-ups, and opens the door with a gleaming smile towards her date. She and her date drive to a movie and share a hopefully interesting conversation. They have a fun time hopefully as they ?accidentally? brushed each other?s hands. At the end of the night on a good date, they kiss good night where it may take minutes or even hours depending on the couple. The excitement begins when they go through the different stages of dating: attraction, uncertainty, exclusivity, intimacy, and engagement. When we find the right mate, we end up rejoicing for the discovery of love. I guess to find true eternal love, one has to go through a process of tribulations.

The dating tribulations in life make the phenomenon even greater, though frustrating. When we finally find the right person to spend the rest of our lives with, we discover all the other experiences help us find the love where we can trust, love, comfort, and nurture each other. We can give and receive the needs in our lives. Through the dating phenomenon, we soon discover the necessity of it: the discovery of long lasting eternal love for another. We discover how special each individual is and how each individual can make another happy. We discover a certain peace, contentment, and pure utter joy. So, why do people continue on with this crazy phenomenon? Perhaps, they hope for Aphrodite to grant their wish of true love.

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